Strange Bedfellows

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Cursed Igloo
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Neeko, Miljan, and Sabina are being walked through the snow. Neeko won't shut up about "Where are they taking us?" and "How many of them are there?" They're moving in single file, presumably to hide their numbers. That's a Star Wars reference.

At the Science Institute, Johnny wants to go online with Daniel's computer. He tries to explain that there's no Internet, and Joyce demands that he hack in to something. Sam helps Daniel talk Johnny out of the idea that all computers have the Internet in them. Then Johnny tells Daniel that Irene is probably dead, since she's had three days without a rescue team. So Daniel stomps out of the room, because that's Johnny's fault or something. Then Daniel mopes on a bed while sad music plays.

Eventually Joyce comes in to talk to him, and he mopes out loud about how he failed. She gives him some boots without mentioning that she pulled them off one of the dead guys. He thinks coming to the Science Institute was a stupid plan, because they're not any closer to being rescued. Well, they have warm clothes and food and better shelter, so that's a lot like being rescued. Joyce tells him he's strong, which isn't really true. She would like him to fix the radio, which sounds like a worthwhile project. He pulls himself together and heads out to look at the beacon. It's all smashed up and laying on the ground, so I'm not sure how much success he's going to have.

Neeko, Miljan, and Sabina have been led to some teepees in the snow. They're shoved into one of them, where someone says, "You're alive!" It's not clear who says it or to whom, but it leads into the credits, so I assume we'll get a better look at the situation in a minute.

After the credits, we learn that the teepee contains Esther and Annie. Esther warns the rest of the cast that "they" (the people outside with the guns) don't like it when you talk. Irene's apparently in another tent. Miljan peeps under the side of the teepee, and I guess a cameraman does too, because we see some footage of people standing around.

Daniel and Sam look at the beacon and it's kind of a wreck. Daniel is not optimistic, but he looks at a torn cable. He has a plan involving something called a "loop antenna," which basically involves putting some wire around the roof of one of the buildings. Sam is prepared to provide muscle for this operation, so they're onto Phase I: Find Some Wire.

Meanwhile, Joyce is rummaging through the lockers, looking for cell phones. Johnny calls it "looting," which is a little unkind. He's creeped out by this place, because it's full of charts and graphs. And dead bodies, which I think are much creepier than charts and graphs. Anyone can chart and graph something. Johnny thinks the dead people found out something they weren't supposed to know. I think they really ought to go look at the security footage to find who shot the place up. But that's just me.

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