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The Amazing Lost Lord of the Survivor Flies

It seems like that would be the end of the episode, but it isn't. Because now we see footage of Tommy! From before he died! He's in a clearing, complaining that he hasn't seen the mushrooms. Then he looks up and he and the cameraman start running. The camera falls to the ground and there's screaming. Something passes the camera and runs after them. I think it's Bigfoot.

And that's the actual end of the episode.

So I've got some real problems with the format of this show. It's edited like a reality show, complete with the cheesy music and opening credits, but are we supposed to pretend there's a world where this would be aired like this? If someone died during an episode of Survivor, they'd never show it. And if they did, they'd show it a million times in slow motion. And as the show continues and more crazy things happen, are we still supposed to imagine the camera crew doing their jobs twenty-four hours a day? Now that they've established that the footage we're seeing is being created by characters in the world, they have to keep doing that. Even though we don't see the camera crew until something bad happens to them, they're still supposed to be there. And the "This season on Siberia" footage contains things that are clearly not part of the reality show, so if they're trying to maintain that illusion, it's already broken.

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