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The Amazing Lost Lord of the Survivor Flies

Tommy, Natalie and Annie are out scavenging for food. They're father out than Natalie is comfortable with, but Tommy keeps pushing father out.

Irene and Miljan are supposed to be out getting water, and they find a locked shed in a field. Ooh! More mysteries! Miljan wants to keep it a secret, and Irene reluctantly agrees. They don't immediately break into it, because they are dumb.

Oh, hey! Natalie and Annie have found mushrooms! They have red caps and white spots, which means that they look exactly like the ones from Super Mario World. Also, they're the ones they were looking for. So they load them up and go back to camp without Tommy, who's still roaming through the brush. When they get back to the camp (with fewer mushrooms than they're going to need), Miljan suggests using sweat as salt. That's gross. I mean, it's also potentially a good idea, but I don't think you want to go down the path of using bodily fluids to flavor your food. No one's that concerned about Tommy.

Tommy staggers up. No! It's a cameraman! And he's bleeding from the head. We see the crew take him off, and an off-screen voice tells everyone to go back to doing what they were doing. All the contestants are more interested in what happened to the cameraman. No one could understand the cameraman, who may have been speaking Russian. I'm pretty impressed with the professionalism displayed by whoever's operating the camera right now. Because they're probably also interested in what happened to that guy, right? They work together! But they're putting their personal lives on hold so they can get footage of Joe saying the cameraman said he saw them. It seems that Joe learned Russian from his grandmother.

Daniel says Tommy had a cameraman with him. And this could be that cameraman! Sabina (who's whittling with that knife she found) claims she saw him in the forest. Did she? She wasn't with that group. There's a lot of discussion. And then Aussie Host comes in with an announcement: "There's been a very serious accident involving Tommy. Um. And unfortunately, it's fatal." Gasp! And they're letting the contestants decide whether they want to proceed. If they want to opt out, they get five thousand dollars. Esther gets a little hysterical. Aussie Host will come back at the end of the day to see who wants to leave.

There's some footage of Tommy's body being loaded onto a helicopter while various competitors complain about a game turning out to be fatal. Daniel wants more information.

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