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The Amazing Lost Lord of the Survivor Flies

Now it's time for Aussie Host's classic catchphrase: "The game has begun. Go!"

Speaking directly to the audience, Aussie Host says they're in what's sometimes called the "Valley of Death," by which he means Tunguska. In 1908, there was a crazy huge explosion there. Look up "Tunguska Event" and marvel at the destruction. This was supposedly considered a cursed place, which doesn't really explain why fur traders decided to set up shop here right after the Tunguska Event. Maybe all those scientists that were investigating the explosion liked furs. Anyway, we go into the opening credits with a very Keoghan-istic sentence: "This... is Siberia."

The opening credits list all sixteen contestants by their first names: Carolina, Johnny, Daniel, Neeko, Natalie, Sam, Esther, Tommy, George, Annie, Miljan, Berglind, Irene, Harpreet, Victoria and Sabina. They're all played by actors with the same first name as their characters, except that Carolina's actor is named Joyce. And Annie's actor is named Anne-Marie, which is pretty close. I guess that allows them to use credits for the real show that look like the reality show. It's cute.

People run through the forest, tracked by a helicopter. We never see the camera crews, but that's not unusual for a reality show. You have to look pretty carefully to see the camera people on The Amazing Race. The two people in front are Neeko, a professional rugby player, and Johnny, a bull rider. Johnny is a bit ahead of Neeko, especially after they splash through a river and Neeko stumbles a little. After them, most of the group is staying clumped together. Except for Berglind, a journalist from Reykjavik, who suddenly runs off into the woods. Which seems crazy, right? Her theory is that she knows a faster way to go, but this is the first time anyone's seen this forest. Harpreet takes off after her, citing her Viking warrior vibe. Daniel says he thinks he recognizes Carolina, so make a note of that for later use.

Daniel is a glasses-wearing computer programmer, and he trips pretty quickly. Tommy, an environmental activist, goes back to help him. Daniel's ankle is twisted, so Tommy's going to have to practically carry him. Everyone else in the group moves on, and the general opinion is that Tommy is being dumb. Esther pulls a flag out of the ground on the theory that "no rules" means "no rules," and too bad for the people who ran off the path. I kind of agree with that. Besides, if they'd stayed on the path, they wouldn't get thrown off it... would they?

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