Out of the Frying Pan

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Never Split the Party
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Previously: Johnny, Sam and Joyce (no longer Carolina) went to the producers' base camp to see what was up.

Now: the base camp has been vacated. There are some blue pieces of paper on the ground, but no one seems interested in examining them. Joyce wants to go back to Irene, but Johnny has the good sense to insist on picking up all the food and water they can find. The people operating the cameras keep doing their jobs, rather than displaying any concern about all their coworkers vanishing and their food being taken in front of their eyes. Johnny finds a producer's notebook, which suggests that Joyce and Johnny have a love story. He's not thrilled by this.

Joyce checks a tent and screams. Johnny runs over, and there's blood all over the place. Clearly, this place has undergone a catastrophe of some sort. Specifically the cheap sort, since it took place off screen. They start to go back to their own camp, and there's a noise from what looks like a mobile production office. Everyone takes tent poles (they're the only weapon available) and investigates. Sabina's inside! Well, that's weird. She sure gets around, huh? She says she doesn't know anything. Aside from her, there's a computer with blood on it and a radio. The existence of the radio distracts them from the lack of bodies. Sabina tries to send a few distress signals, but there's no answer. She says, "Someone's jamming the signal."

Opening credits! They still list Joyce as "Carolina." But they're already committed to keeping the credits unchanged, since various dead and exited people are also still included.

Neeko, Annie, Miljan and Esther are sitting around the campfire. Everyone's mad at Esther for tricking the other crowd into quitting, but she's quite pleased with herself. And then the other crowd appears out of the woods, carrying Irene. Now everyone's yelling at Esther. Even Joyce is mad at Esther for lying, which is a little rich, coming from the person who's been lying to everyone since the first episode. Esther insists that it's not her fault the helicopter didn't show up. It's true; she may have used Irene's injury for her own benefit, but she didn't cause it or make it worse. She just thought other people would be taken out of the game along with Irene. Johnny tells everyone that the panic button is fake. Miljan points out that it worked before, which is a good point. Johnny can't explain that, and he doesn't even try, because the button clearly doesn't work now. He also relates how the producers' base camp is also a wreck. Neeko thinks this could all be a lie, which is not unreasonable at this point. People have been lying to Neeko a lot. Johnny shows him the backpack full of supplies he got at base camp, which goes a long way to justifying his claims. You'd think Neeko could just go look for himself. It might not be a bad idea to go see if they missed any supplies. They might want those tents later on.

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