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Loud Noises!

Miljan's staring into the woods, and Neeko has to get his attention to help him move a huge branch. He's surprisingly willing to accept Miljan's claim that he wasn't staring at anything. He's a little bossy, which Miljan uses as an excuse to stop helping. Neeko gets Sabina to help instead. And they take the opportunity to tell us that the torches were surrounded by those mystery footprints.

Joyce goes into the room full of dead people. I can't believe nobody's trying to find out what happened here. She carefully removes one corpse's boots, which is kind of gruesome but frankly a pretty good idea. Sorry, dead person, but your footwear is a lot better than what Joyce has.

Joyce interviews about how she should have enjoyed her life more. We see Sabina and Neeko writing a big SOS in the snow. Sam asks Johnny and Joyce if they believe in synchronicity. They do. Then Sam completely fails to talk about synchronicity. Instead, he muses about how he wouldn't be here if Esther hadn't moved that flag that made the two other people go home in the first episode. And then! Daniel runs in to report that the computer's working! He delivers some techno-babble, then shows his discoveries. It's video footage that's helpfully captioned so Sam can explain it as the 1927 expedition. It features Leonard Kulik, who wrote Miljan's journal. The footage shows the blasted landscape that they walked past.

Miljan claims that he found something in a cabin and that Sabina has to come quickly to see. It's a secret box of food that Neeko had. Neeko claims he was going to share it, and Miljan goes on a big speech about how Neeko is a jerk. It's the food Johnny supposedly stole from the shed. Oh, right! I remember this food; it's the stash Joyce led him to. Miljan says Neeko is nothing but a bully, and he's kind of right. He goes outside and now Sabina is angry at Neeko. From outside the cabin, Miljan calls, "Uh, guys?" Sabina stomps outside, and her rifle is yanked away. There are some mean-looking galoots out here, and they all have guns. They're dressed in modern clothes, and they have silly-looking shoes that make kangaroo footprints.

So...that's the big revelation? The Kangaroo Gumbies are just locals with machine guns and trick shoes? I, for one, find this unsatisfying.

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