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Loud Noises!

In the morning, Sam uses that coffee maker I've been talking about. Johnny tells a cameraman that Daniel's trying to assemble a computer from the wreckage to see if he could send an email or something. I think they probably don't have an Internet connection if their radio tower is broken. Daniel pops open a desktop computer and reports that the computers are pretty damaged but he thinks he can get it working. Johnny looms over him asking if he needs anything, and I think Johnny's feeling a little left out and bored. He wanders over to a map on the wall that has concentric circles around it. The center is about where their camp was. That's worrying! But he's distracted by noticing a town on the map. Daniel says it's 200km away, which is about 124 miles. Too far to walk, then. You know, a Siberian Science Institute might well have some sort of vehicle they could use.

There's a round-robin of confessional interviews where people tell us how worried they are. That's pretty good coordination by the crew, since the people at the Science Institute can't communicate with the people at the camp. Johnny checks on Sam (he's trying to read a newspaper) and goes to look for Joyce. But he finds the security room instead. Joyce is getting ready to take a shower (which sounds like a great idea), and Johnny makes sure he and the camera crew don't see her naked. He should really be more interested in seeing what the various security cameras show.

Miljan is cold and hungry. Nobody's sympathetic, because they feel the same way. And then! There's a noise outside! It's kind of a whooshing noise, like a plane. It happens several times. They go outside, and a lot of jet fighters go overhead. Miljan waves his arms and yells, but I think fighter pilots are unlikely to hear someone on the ground yelling at them.

The jets are gone now. Sabina cradles her rifle and explains that fighter jets don't notice people on the ground. Maybe she could shoot one of them down! I guess the other fighter pilots wouldn't be that happy about it.

Daniel works on his computer and mopes about how he's not a hero. Johnny takes a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator and drinks from the bottle. Sam declines, saying he's sober. Johnny suggests taking the vehicle from the garage (it turns out to be a Cat) to the town they saw on the map. But there are no keys! Sam has him check the ignition and floorboards, but there aren't any. Then he suggests hot wiring it, which he knows how to do from his adventurous youth. His foot's fine now, thanks to Johnny. Johnny thanks him for the CPR. They share a manly nod. Then he sends Johnny to find a ratchet set. Or any tools, really.

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