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Loud Noises!

Sam makes them go back to the room with Johnny and Joyce. Johnny's never heard of an atomic clock, and Daniel decides not to explain. This is supposedly because he tried to explain it to Sam and it didn't take, but really it's to draw things out as long as possible. Sam says the electricity probably comes from a generator, because they're so far from civilization. Makes sense. Daniel demands to know where a generator would be kept, and as soon as Sam says it would be outside, Daniel's on his feet again. Sam decides to go with him so Johnny can get some rest.

So now Daniel and Sam are wandering through the snow. Sam explains basically what a generator looks like, and they come on a metal trailer full of stuff. Sam confirms that it's the generator, although it looks like it's a hundred years old. It needs gas, and Daniel quickly finds a couple of large tanks. But they have different labels on them. Sam identifies one as diesel and one as gas. No one will be seated during the terrifying "pouring gas into a generator" scene! Sam turns on the generator, and the engine works very acceptably. Then he flips a switch and lights come on! Inside and outside! Johnny wakes up.

Camp. Sabina is having trouble staying awake, but she doesn't want to switch with Neeko. Miljan says he hopes Irene is okay.

Science Institute. Everyone rushes over to the radio, and the power is on. Johnny is still angry at the idea of a radio being "jammed," and I think he's picturing something caught in the gears. Sam says they're not getting a signal. Daniel looks out the window, where there's a flashing red light. He gets everyone to listen to him, and they go outside. It's the tower with a flashing red light on it! But it's been knocked over by something. What could have done such a thing?

SPOILER: It was a small asteroid or comet, because it was the Tunguska Event, and they've been sent back in time to just after the events of June 30, 1908. That's why the atomic clocks were slightly out of sync… someone's been doing experiments with time travel. Now, this theory isn't perfect, because there were regular computers and people in modern clothes. But until someone actually investigates them, I choose to ignore them.

Miljan has a camera! He's looking down into it, Blair Witch-style. He says, "I want everyone to know that I am not crazy." There's something in the woods, and everyone's ignoring him. He's got a pretty good point; everyone's seen the weird footprints and the fog and heard weird noises ( many weird noises), but they just ignore him. As he insists on his sanity, we see shots of the Science Institute, including security-camera footage of the rooms. Oh, hey! That room full of monitors might come in handy.

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