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Loud Noises!

Sabina is finally looking at the map they were given for the rifle. It says "What you seek, you shall find, hidden on this map." And there's a big X and the camp. Neeko insists that it's a waste of time because they went to the X and there was no rifle. First of all, they have plenty of time to waste. Second, this guy is the worst puzzle solver ever. He's all, "There aren't any words in here! It's just a jumble of letters! I looked at it for ten seconds and didn't see anything!" Then he gets mad at Miljan for reading his book. Miljan admits that he doesn't read Russian, but he says he doesn't need to. That's an interesting revelation! But Neeko ignores him and instead yanks the book away because he's a jerk. He starts shouting at Miljan, "Whatcha gonna do? DO something!" because the one thing you really want to do in a desperate survival situation is pick a fight with the guy who's either crazy or in contact with supernatural forces. Meanwhile, Sabina is folding the map so there's an arrow pointing at the men's cabin. Neeko and Miljan say they already scoured the cabin for supplies, which they probably did. But she's going to go check anyway, because why not, right? Miljan grabs his book and tucks it back in his jacket.

Sabina goes outside as Neeko keeps telling her not to bother. When all three of them are midway between the two cabins, they stop because they hear something weird. For like the ten millionth time this series. I'm starting to think that Siberia just sounds funny. And then! The torches start winking out, one at a time. Sabina and Neeko run into the men's cabin. Miljan lingers a second. Then he stumbles a bit, but he follows them. The camera also gets inside, although I've just come up with a brilliant plan where Neeko takes the camera and then kicks the operator outside to see what happens. The crew isn't very helpful, so why not use them as guinea pigs?

In the men's cabin, Neeko and Miljan sort of barricade the doors while Sabina looks for the rifle. She finds it behind a double wall, and Miljan is surprised that it was right by his bed. She has Neeko open the door, and she fires a warning shot before ducking back in. She waits at a window and tells them to say something if they see movement.

Daniel and Sam are in the laboratory. There are jars of weird things. Sam says whoever ran this lab was doing experiments on animals. He does not like the weird stainless steel medical tools or the cages of dead animals. And then! There's a sudden noise! I hope you still find that sort of thing exciting! The noise is coming from a covered cage. Daniel uncovers the cage, and reveals a falcon. Well, okay. Sam is freaked out and just wants to find the circuit breaker. I'm not sure you'd have that in the laboratory, but I guess it's not crazy. Daniel finds some atomic clocks that are not set to the same time.

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