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Loud Noises!

Daniel finds the circuit breaker and gets the lights back on. For a second, then they go out again. There are several dead people in the room that Johnny's investigating, and he tries to hustle Joyce and Daniel out without letting them see. I've played a lot of D&D, and I'm pretty sure that they should be investigating those bodies to see if there are any identifying papers or clues on them.

Back to camp. Miljan is placidly reading his journal (which he might not be able to read, but whatever) while Neeko and Sabina argue the merits of looking for the rifle. I think they should be arguing the merits of keeping the crazy guy around, but I guess the rifle is also important. Although, they don't know if it'll even work on whatever boogie-men are out there. Neeko thinks starting a fire will ward off whatever's out there. Sabina proposes a line of torches around the camp, because it'll scare off animals while letting them see any humans that come up. I'm not sure either side of that really holds up to close scrutiny, but Miljan tells her that "they" are neither animal nor human.

Science Institute. Sam wants to know about the bodies, and Johnny won't talk about it. Daniel says they can't rest, even for a second. Sure they can! They've got a pretty good shelter here, and exploring will be a lot easier in the morning. Sam asks Daniel about the circuit breaker box, and Daniel says it went on for a second, then it shorted out. Sam points out that there's probably a similar box in this building, and he's feeling well enough to go looking for it. He grabs a flashlight and he and Daniel go wandering.

Neeko and Sabina rip sheets into strips to make torches. Miljan helps, which kind of surprises me. Neeko goes out and soon there's a ring of torches all the way around the camp. That'll be great for an hour or so, when the torches will start to go out. They start barricading themselves inside the cabin as Miljan gives helpful advice like "They're watching us." I guess that's not advice. Or helpful.

Daniel tells Sam that the radio's in the other building, so getting the power on won't help. Dude, the power can be used for other things than the radio. Like turning on lights! Finding out where you are! Using the coffee-maker! Seriously, think outside the radio. Sam says they could always bring the radio from the building without power over to the building with power, which seems like it could work. They're studying some lockers as Daniel whines that the radio is too heavy. This guy has a lousy attitude. Sam thinks he sees something, then he finds a power conduit on the wall. But then! There's a loud noise! It's from behind that locked door, which Sam translates as saying "Laboratory." Daniel has keys now, so he tries to get it open. Something makes more noise, and Daniel gets the padlock off.

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