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Loud Noises!

Back to the camp. Miljan says, "They chased me." Neeko is fed up with the lack of antecedents and asks, "Who chased you?" Miljan says he doesn't know. He was trying to hide behind trees (a difficult feat when you're in the middle of the forest, because you don't know which side of the tree you're supposed to be on) and was freezing. It turns out that the "she" that was taken means Irene. And Miljan claims to have told them that 150 times, when actually he didn't even properly tell them once. He just threw a bunch of pronouns at them. Neeko gets all aggressive again, and Miljan says that he took Irene because "He told me to." Sabina presses for details, and Miljan explains, "He did." That doesn't help, dummy. That's not how pronouns work! Finally, he explains that "he" is the voice he hears in his head. Oh, well. That's fine, then. The voice in Miljan's head told him that if he took Irene into the woods, everything would be okay, so that's what he did. There were footprints and fog, and Miljan felt lots of "them" surrounding them. And he left. Finally, he says, "They're coming for us, guys. They're gonna get us…one by one." I'm not sure he's a good source of information. The only thing he knew was that if he gave "them" Irene, everything would be fine, and even that wasn't true.

Johnny and Daniel are wandering through the snow at night. Even with the heavy coats, this is a pretty dumb plan. Have they forgotten that the sun comes back in the morning? They go to one of the other buildings and Johnny gets ready to break the window. But then! Joyce is suddenly behind them! She says she found some keys in her pocket. Well, how convenient. It's a whole key ring, which she should have noticed earlier. Daniel tries to get the door open and Joyce says she has a weird feeling. They go inside and there's a weird smell, but no power. Then! There's a loud noise! But it's just Daniel tripping over something. Come on, Daniel. Get your head in the game. They explore farther in and Johnny finds a big electronic gizmo that looks like it's probably a big radio. But it's not battery-powered, because why would it be? Joyce wants to get out of there right away. On their way out, they find computers and stuff all bashed up. Daniel thinks it was a robbery, and then he finds a bullet case on the floor. There are bullet holes on the wall! Joyce shouts again, and there's a dead man on the floor. He may have been shot. And the blood looks to me like it might be still wet.

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