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Loud Noises!
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Previously: loud noises! Johnny decides the noises were "just the wind." So, never mind! Daniel brings Sam a blanket and Johnny checks the light switch. There's no power and obviously no phone. There's something that looks like it might be a radio, but it's not plugged in. But we just established there's no power, so what difference would it make if it were plugged in? None, that's how much. Sam and Joyce are all relatively comfortable, so Daniel and Johnny go looking for stuff. Their primary goal is some means of communication with the outside world.

It's dark, so they make the camera operator turn on his light. They find a large industrial vehicle of some sort and a closet with flashlights and monitors. Johnny won't shut up about how much he wants to find a radio. Daniel checks another door, but it's locked. They seem confused by the idea of a locked door in a Science Institute. There's a label on the door, but it's in Russian. When Daniel suggests that maybe Sam could read it, Johnny shushes him so he can listen.

Back to the camp! Neeko is walking out into the woods, calling for Annie. He does this sort of thing a lot. Sabina tells him they need to protect themselves. I think if he really wanted to find Annie and Esther, he would have followed the not-kangaroo tracks that led away from Natalie's body. The argument between Neeko and Sabina gets cut short by a mysterious noise from the woods, along with some screeching. Sabina hustles them into a cabin, because everybody knows that abominable snowmen can't open doors. Sabina says they need to find the rifle, which Neeko objects to on the grounds that they already looked for it. Yeah, but they didn't find it! I thought it was weird that they just gave up right away. Sabina takes an archery stance as the door opens. It's Miljan! And he says, "They took her."

Back to Johnny and Daniel: they come back to Joyce and Sam, and it is pitch black. It was daylight when they arrived at the Science Institute, so I guess they just lounged around until dark, then decided to go exploring. That's a good plan, right? Johnny says they found a locked door, but Joyce has not stumbled on any keys. In the dark room where they left her, I don't think she's likely to find anything. It finally occurs to Johnny that there's no power, so a radio might not even work. Daniel says that it'll be battery-powered. I already didn't know why they'd decided there had to be a radio somewhere, and now I don't know why they're so certain there's a battery-powered radio with enough juice to contact the outside world. Guys, you're in Siberia; you could be a long, long way from anyone. Johnny and Daniel set out again, making this scene a complete waste of time.

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