“…Into the Oven”

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And Then!

People kind of split up. Sam calls Sabina to check something out, and she brings everyone else. It's Esther's truck, but it is not occupied by Esther or the money. There's some debate about whether they should find shelter or look for people. Neeko spots an apartment with lighted Christmas lights on the balcony. Since this is as good a destination as any, they grab their supplies (the ones Joyce didn't take) and head over there. When they get to the apartment, Daniel opens the door right away. Then they shout and knock. There's no dial tone on the cordless phone, but there's power. The shot of the phone shows a fedora that might be important. The apartment is empty, and Sam checks the refrigerator. There's some bread, so things are looking up! Miljan checks the closet, and then looks very shifty. He's found a gun on the shelf, and he sticks it in his waistband without telling anyone. That's a reasonable move, I think. I mean, I could see how the others might find it sketchy, but they don't like him much, so he might want a gun for self-defense. Or to advance his crazy agenda. Incidentally, you might think everyone would have learned a lesson from Esther about how they shouldn't trust someone who's already tried to cheat them. But Miljan, who actually tried to kill Irene, is allowed to roam free and pick up spare guns.

Johnny and Joyce banter flirtatiously as he looks through the refrigerator. Miljan puts a cd on, and now we have strumming guitar music to listen to as people look around this apartment and steal all of the resident's stuff. Sabina likes the jewelry. Neeko is taking a nap. Irene and Daniel stand outside, and he tells her how he feels about her. They kiss.

Day turns to night. Joyce is impressed by all the clothes that Sabina stole from the producers. There's also a camera tape she found in the woods. Joyce thinks it might be from the one that was filming her and Johnny. So let's check it out!

It is, in fact, the two of them fighting. They come upon a white hemisphere covered in pine branches. It has that symbol of Ogdy on it. And other symbols. On the inside, Joyce has found what looks like a drawing of a body of water with sixteen dots in it. Daniel thinks it's a prop, and Joyce wants to get away from it. Then the footage jumps to them hiding in the dark. A weird dog-thing bounds out of the dark at them. The footage jumps again. There's a bolt of light from the sky, and the sky turns that color no one had ever seen. It was green. The cameraman drops the camera and runs.

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