“…Into the Oven”

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Monty Ashley: D+ | 122 USERS: C+
And Then!

And then! An explosion! It looks closer than the mine Irene was standing on, so I don't know what the deal is. It's distracting enough to get the Russian soldiers to run around and shoot things, though. Our heroes get stood up and hustled into a building. Except for Joyce, who's still out there tied to the truck. No soldiers come in, so the room is full of just the people we know. There are a lot of guns being fired outside, along with some explosions. Sabina says some of the explosions are the land mines, but she doesn't know what's setting them off. Sam says they're talking about the Valley Men out there. Miljan is watching through the window, and he sees Johnny running to the truck. He's saving Joyce! He runs her to the building where the other Siberians are huddled, but he stays outside. He and Daniel are hiding behind a snow drift, watching the firefight. Johnny runs, and we see Daniel running. But then there's a big explosion! But then they're okay! They get inside (in the same room with everyone else), and there's another big explosion outside. And there's weird screeching. The soldiers fire a few shots, and then run.

Well…it's nighttime now. The soldiers have a doggie! The reality-show people are talking about how they should really consider running for it. Neeko asks Johnny what the plan is, and he suggests maybe they should take the back door. Something then breaks the window, so they all get up and start running. They get to the garage, and there's the usual yelling and finger-pointing. Miljan looks interested in the room. And Daniel finally notices the security room, which is full of monitors showing what's going on outside. He calls people over, and they're very interested in the truck. There are no soldiers on the screens, and the gunshots sound far away. Some people want to run out, steal the truck, and try to get to a town. Miljan thinks they'll all get shot in one second.Esther suggests that maybe they were just getting arrested for trespassing, but Sam says he heard the soldiers say they were going to execute everybody. If that's true, they sure took a long time stalling when they were preparing to shoot Joyce. And then! The lights go out! Johnny and Joyce go to the circuit breaker. They're distracted by an open door. It's the door he shut earlier. He creeps up to it and closes it. And then! A soldier bursts through with a gun! Johnny and the soldier scuffle! Shots are fired in the dark, but the only person who gets shot is this soldier.

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