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The Evenki have left our Siberians, and everyone walks into the forest. Neeko claims there's a road, but it's under three feet of snow. He sees a warning sign that is conveniently labeled in Russian and English, so he knows it's a minefield. This is a weird place for a minefield, isn't it? Historically, any army that got stuck this far into Siberia was in enough trouble without adding land mines to the mix.

Science Institute. Sam tells Daniel that he'll buy him a steak dinner when they're safe. Joyce and Johnny come in to ask what the deal is. The deal is that they haven't heard anything on the radio. Everybody but Sam goes out to check on the antenna, and it turns out that a wire has broken. Joyce runs off to get some tape while Johnny and Daniel position the ladder. Joyce seems distracted by something in the lab. Johnny's up on the ladder pointing at another possibly broken wire, when he also sees something. There are four people walking up the road! And the road looks like it's been plowed fairly recently. Just thought I'd mention that. It's the other Siberians! Neeko, Miljan, Sabina, and Annie! Not Irene or Esther? Ah, Daniel and Johnny go running off into the snow, where Esther is pointing at Irene. She's standing on a land mine. Sheesh. This lady can't go two minutes without sticking her leg in a trap.

Daniel says he'll figure out what to do, and Johnny is more concerned with how everyone else got through the field without stepping on a mine. It's a good question, since you'd think people could just all follow the footprints in front of him. Daniel's plan is for Irene to just walk off the mine, but Johnny and Neeko both seem pretty sure that it's the kind of mine that blows up when you step off it, not when you first step on it. Sabina assures Daniel that she knows more about mines than he does, and he ignores her. This guy, am I right? He walks carefully out into the field. Even Crazy Miljan is shaking his head at how dumb Daniel is. Daniel takes Irene's hands and promises her that the mine is a dud and she just has to step off it. He slowly counts to three, and she steps. The soundtrack gets that tinnitus sound effect, but there's no actual explosion. Everyone is very happy. That was some nonsensical fake-drama that did nothing but eat up twelve minutes of the season finale.

So now everyone's in the Institute buildings getting caught up on each other's adventures. Johnny got electrocuted by the tower and got CPR from Sam. Sam's foot got frostbite, and he was also saved. He claims that he closed his eyes and saw Natalie at the fishing river. Annie is affected by him talking about Natalie, and she leaves. Sabina has to share the story of Natalie being mysteriously dead in the snow. So Sam goes off and finds Annie and tells her about how he lost his wife. He's really good at cheering people up! The point of his story is to tell Annie that Natalie will always be a part of her.

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