First Snow

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Look Out! Weather!
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The trek to the mysterious tower (by Johnny, Sam, Daniel, and Joyce) takes a break so Joyce can drink some water. Daniel suggests that maybe the blackened area they saw was caused by an explosion that put so much debris in the air that the sky turned a weird color. That nearly sounds plausible, but refraction of light doesn't explain why the sky was so bright. Nobody buys his theory, although it's probably no sillier than whatever the truth turns out to be. Johnny gets distracted and runs down the hill to check something out. He's found a wrecked helicopter door! And it has the "SIBERIA" logo on it. That's worrying.

Joyce manages to find the rest of the helicopter's wreckage strewn around some trees. Daniel thinks it must have fallen out of the sky, which sounds logical. Helicopters live in the sky, right? There are no bodies, which seems weird. Joyce finds something to examine, which lets Johnny confab with the menfolk. He says it's going to be dark soon, so they need to find shelter. We see that Joyce is crying over something labeled "Jonathan Buckley."

Morning in the camp. It's cold in the cabin. Irene is having a bad time, and Annie soothes her. The discussion mostly centers on how crazy cold it is. Miljan can't open his cabin's door, which turns out to be because there's like three feet of snow out there. Neeko insists that it isn't possible, because it was "boiling hot" yesterday. They should have had someone on the last episode mention how hot it was at the time! That would make this much more interesting from the audience's point of view. They could have worked it in while they were carrying all that wood for the signal fire.

The away team wakes up huddled under a lean-to made of helicopter parts. They are also beset by snow! Joyce suggests starting a fire, and Sam says it's too wet. Johnny says to start walking, because they're closer to the beacon than they are to the settlement. The beacon is that tower with the blinking red light that they're looking for. Nobody really knows what it is. Although it's clearly a radio tower.

The camp looks pretty all covered with snow. Esther is shivering and is not in a position to appreciate nature's beauty. Annie reports that Irene is not doing well. Irene asks Annie to pray for her. Annie claims she doesn't know what to say, but she comes up with some rhyming couplets about the Angel of God. She explains that she "used to be" religious. The boys come over with the blankets and mattresses from the other cabin. Sabina is apparently missing, which they should really be used to by now.

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