Fire in the Sky

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Green Skies at Night, Monster's Delight
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Oh, hello! We're back! Last week, Siberia was cancelled because it was more important to get Royal Baby News. But now it's back on! In case you forgot, previous episodes of this show involved: a tiger! And Victoria had visions of the sky being green or on fire or something.

Johnny is out in the woods making his own fire and complaining about being framed for destroying the food. He says it's clear that he can take care of himself, because he was able to build a fire in five minutes in the dark. He doesn't mention that it's because he has a lighter, which I think makes the achievement a little less impressive. His point is that he doesn't want to be friends with those stupid jerks.

At the camp, Sam is happy that Johnny's staying in the woods, because he hates him so much. And also because he thinks this will make Johnny less likely to make it to the end of winter, which will make it hard for him to win. Daniel says he wants to get to the end as a team, and he describes Neeko as being a great team leader. Miljan explains to him that Neeko is a professional athlete, so he might just be playing the game. His logic is that athletes are familiar with games, but I think rugby players are familiar with teams, too. Either way, I think all of the Siberians are way too eager to switch to an individual game. They don't even have a consistent food source yet, which is going to be a real problem for them.

Out in the woods, Johnny lies down next to his fire. He didn't dig a pit or anything, so I'm not sure it's a good idea to go to sleep that close to it.

The next morning. Daniel puts on his glasses, looks around suspiciously, and goes outside. As soon as he opens the door, he sees a spear stabbed in the ground. There's afeather tied to it, and a note with one word in Russian. Sam translates it as "Get out." I kind of hope one of the Shocking Twists will be that he doesn't really understand Russian and has been faking it the whole time. Neeko says it's just a prop, because he's all-in on the theory that anything weird has been put there by the producers of the television show. I think it's a mistake to have him keep dwelling on that, because it really was put there by producers of a television show, if you want to get real about it. If you want me to care about these characters, you need to give me at least a chance to suspend my disbelief. When there are special effect, you don't want the characters pointing out how fake they look, you know? Sabina tests the tip of the spear and Sam looks thoughtful.

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