A Gathering Fog

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Mostly Wandering Through Snow

Sabina convinces Neeko that it's time to go back. And just then, the fog clears and they see crazy footprints in the snow. They could almost be kangaroo footprints, but I don't think the show has the guts to be that crazy. Also, the footprints are walking, not hopping. And there's no tail print. Forget the kangaroo theory, okay? These are the same crazy footprints from before that I suggested were either Bigfoots or giant Gumbies. They hustle back toward camp.

Johnny takes a little too long to open the Science Institute door, but he eventually gets everyone inside. There's an abandoned control room with a couch. And blankets! And there's a coffee machine and a refrigerator, but the power doesn't seem to be on. Everyone calms down a little once they're inside. Daniel checks the refrigerator and Johnny looks around the building for warm coats. Daniel drinks whatever he finds, which seems risky. Johnny puts on a coat, and there's a banging from outside. Johnny calls out, "Hello?" But of course we won't see what it is until next week. If at all.

Neeko and Sabina are lost. But they come upon Natalie's grave. Well, that's good news, right? Neeko thinks he can get them back home from here. Sabina looks freaked out, and there are lots of those Bigfoot (or kangaroo or Gumby) footprints around. There appears to have been some kind of scuffle in the area. She doesn't think Annie and Esther made it back.

Next week: someone finds a Mad Fold-In!

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