A Gathering Fog

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Mostly Wandering Through Snow

Esther is not having a lot of success digging a grave for Natalie, even with a shovel. The ground is frozen solid, which means that the snow didn't just appear out of nowhere. See, because the ground was soft two days ago. If the snow had just appeared on top of the ground, digging would be easier; instead, it appears that everyone has been transported into the middle of winter. It's important to figure out the rules of whatever crazy world you're in!

Annie is very sad not to be able to bury her friend properly. She thanks Esther for helping, and Esther says she's just trying to make it right. She does not explain why she's to blame for Natalie's death, but she probably is. More sad piano music ensues. They make a cross out of sticks. Annie sticks the cross in the snow and apologizes to Natalie for what happened to her. There's a lovely shot of foggy sunlight streaming through the trees. Esther says it's time to go, and then there's the sound of a foot breaking a branch. They scream, and the camera goes crazy. We don't see what happens next.

The fog turns out to be plot-relevant, because Neeko and Sabina are now complaining that they can't see anything. Frankly, it's not as foggy as they are claiming it is, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief on this one point. Sabina wants to turn back, but Neeko insists on pushing onward. Even though he doesn't know where he is or what direction he's going or where the people are that he's looking for. This guy's going to get lost.

Team Beacon also has fog issues. Sam is being helped along by Daniel, and Joyce is now lagging behind and crying. Johnny gives her a pep talk and tells her to trust him. She wants to give up, so he picks her up and carries her. He has a lot of trouble, and he falls down a couple of times. But he gets back up and continues to carry her. The third time he falls, I start to feel like this is filler. The fourth time, he tells her he's sorry he's not strong enough. She tells him to leave her, which would be a very inspiring moment if it weren't the third time in the last two episodes someone had said that. Daniel comes back to them and says the building is in view. And so it is! It's right over there! The plot has actually progressed a little bit!

Johnny runs toward the building. Joyce is feeling well enough to walk on her own. It looks like it might be a house. Johnny pounds on the front door, and there is no answer. The camera pans past a sign that says...well, it says something in Russian. I feel like a fool for pausing the TiVo, because obviously I wasn't going to be able to read it. Johnny runs to another building, and there is no answer from that one either. This place is deserted. Sam suggests breaking a window, and that seems like a good idea to everybody. Johnny breaks one and hops inside. While he's off screen, Sam says that the sign says that it's a Russian Science Institute. He's perplexed by that, but I don't see why you can't have a science institute in the middle of nowhere. Seems like a pretty safe place to me.

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