A Gathering Fog

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Mostly Wandering Through Snow

She's worried she might not make it home and see her son again. Her son is ten years old, and she hasn't seen him for years because he's with his father, who's a horrible man. She's just rushing through all this backstory about growing up in an orphanage and her son's father being one of the staff members when she was sixteen. Then she went into the army, which you have to do in Israel, and she was escorting an important man, and he was with a young girl and she started crying, and she knocked him out and got discharged and therefore couldn't get her son back. And now she's broke, so she came on the show. This is coming out of nowhere and is not being presented with any subtlety or art whatsoever. And it's not like the characters need a reason to hope they get out of this alive. Anyway, Neeko promises she'll see her son again, and she calms down. Sabina has the bow, incidentally.

Oh, hey! Team Beacon has arrived at a tall metal structure! It might be a water tower or something. Johnny thinks it's a good sign that they found something that's man-made. Well, it beats being lost in the woods, but it's no immediate help. Then he climbs it. I'm surprised his hands don't freeze to it, if it's so cold. The process of climbing is not particularly interesting to describe, so it's a good thing that Joyce sees something. I feel obliged to point out that the camera following Johnny up the tower stays at about the same height as him. As though there's a crane shot. I wouldn't dwell so much on the in-world camera people if they didn't keep bringing them up.

Anyway, Joyce finds some wooden wreckage and a sign in Russian. It might have a red lightning bolt on it. It looks like some kind of a warning sign. She starts to tell Daniel about it, so naturally that's when there's a loud buzzing noise and Johnny gets thrown off the tower. He lands in the snow, so at least the impact didn't kill him. Hey, if the tower's electrified, they could use it to warm Sam up!

Daniel says Johnny doesn't have a pulse. I suppose they couldn't use the electric tower to restart his heart? I guess you'd need equipment for that. At least some wires. Daniel tries doing some CPR, but he doesn't really know how, so he's just pushing on Johnny's chest. The piano on the soundtrack gets very sad. And then! Sam runs into the scene! He's miraculously recovered! I guess! He knows what he's doing, and he soon gets Johnny back on his feet. Johnny falls down again, but that's not Sam's fault. Johnny's just a little dazed. He says that when he was up there, he saw a roof. So there's a building somewhere. Off they go again!

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