A Gathering Fog

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Monty Ashley: C+ | 63 USERS: B
Mostly Wandering Through Snow

Team Beacon struggles along, with each of them occasionally falling to a knee before getting up. Johnny looks across a flat, blank expanse of snow. I regret calling them "Team Beacon" if the beacon doesn't even exist anymore. I just felt kind of silly calling them the "Away Team" in the last episode. Sam asks Johnny what the new plan is, but he does not have one. He thinks the beacon should be about where they're standing. But it isn't.

Johnny and Sam have a kind of awkward fight, because they're both shivering and dying so they can't get any strength into their punches. Johnny shouts that he should have left Sam for dead. Sam agrees with him! Daniel and Joyce are taking this opportunity to huddle together for warmth and not get involved. Sam tells Johnny he needs to do the right thing. And then! Joyce sees something! There are footprints in the snow! Well, that's something, right It's certainly worth following them, right? It looks like Sam might be watching the other three leave.

Annie and Esther dig a hole in the snow, but when they get to the ground, it's frozen solid. It's hard to dig a grave with your hands, you know. Esther remembers seeing a shovel in the men's cabin, so they go back to the camp.

Ah, Sam is still with the rest of Team Beacon, although he's straggling behind a little. I guess no one ever straggles in front. Joyce is in the lead, and she's mumbling about footprints. No one else can see any footprints, and Sam eventually sits down. Now she can't see the footprints either, and apparently no one actually saw them. They were just sort of following each other. That's a bad plan, but there wasn't anything going on back at the missing beacon, either.

Sam looks like he might be dead. No, he's talking. But he can't get up. Johnny sees some sort of glinting light from through the woods, and he gets the others to see it as well. Sam claims he'll be right behind them, which is not a remotely plausible lie. They all leave, and Sam sits against a tree, alone. Well, with a camera crew.

Neeko calls out for Miljan and Irene and claims that they can't be far. Why not, exactly? He doesn't even know which way they went, nor when it was. It seems to me that even if Neeko started out going in the exact right direction, Miljan had about a ten hour head start, plus the snow was about two feet lower last night. This show has a completely unrealistic idea of how easy it is to find people in the woods. Sabina suddenly falls to her knees and starts crying, which is very disconcerting. She's been so tough this whole time!

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