A Gathering Fog

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Mostly Wandering Through Snow

Sabina studies Natalie's body while Esther shouts about how this is obviously Miljan's doing. Neeko thinks the producers would have done background checks to make sure there wasn't anybody dangerous in the game. That seems like the exact opposite of what producers of reality shows do, doesn't it? They want angry, unstable people. It's called the Puck Factor. Esther points out that the producers haven't done a great job of protecting them so far. Another good point! Neeko's trust in the producers has lasted at least two episodes past the point of plausibility. Sabina tries to uncover Natalie's body to see how she died, and Neeko tells her to leave it alone for the authorities.

Sabina accurately points out that there are no "authorities" coming. Yeah, don't be dumb, Neeko. Sabina finds that Natalie's stomach is missing. She declares that Miljan didn't do it, because, "No human can do this. We're not alone out here." Very dramatic. But not all that novel, since there's already been a tiger sighting, plus the Bigfoots or Gumbies or whatever. And probably ghost natives. See, you can't just keep giving the audience the same surprises every week. The stakes need to be raised.

The beacon team staggers through the snow. Each of them gives despairing interviews about how they might have made a horrible mistake. Johnny admits that he doesn't know where they are, and that he might have killed all of them. Even the camera crew? Joyce wants to stop, but Johnny insists that her blood will freeze. If they can just get to the top of the next ridge, he thinks they'll be able to see the beacon. He starts to suggest that the others turn back, but Daniel rejects the idea of splitting up because it's something you're not supposed to do when you're lost. Well, you're also supposed to stay where you are, and I don't see anybody doing that. Anyway, I say they knock over the camera crew and steal their food and warm clothes.

After staring at Natalie's frozen corpse for too long, Neeko says it's time to continue looking for Irene. But Annie won't leave Natalie because she needs to be buried. Esther decides to stay with Annie, which will conveniently keep her out of the theoretical confrontation with Miljan. I like this plan. So Neeko and Sabina continue the search. Sabina doesn't want to speculate about what killed Natalie, but she figures that whatever killed the tiger and Tommy also killed Natalie. Neeko recaps all the crazy things so far this season, but he does it by shouting at Sabina and demanding to know why the producers would send them here. She doesn't have answers for him. I don't think any of those things are necessarily Sabina's fault.

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