A Gathering Fog

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Mostly Wandering Through Snow
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Picking up from the last episode, Neeko reveals that Miljan has escaped from the cabin where he was left with no supervision. Good heavens! So he probably took Irene! Naturally, everyone has to stomp through the snow and shout for them. I think shouting "Miljan!" is more logical than "Irene!" because he almost certainly kidnapped her.

Elsewhere, Johnny is the first one out and about in the morning, and the sound of him getting a fire going wakes up Joyce, Sam, and Daniel. Joyce thinks that maybe the weather will magically turn sunny and warm. Which sounds silly at first, but the snow came from nowhere, so who's to say it can't vanish the same way? If the weather's going to start working randomly, you never know what will happen.

Sam claims his foot is much better than last night, which does not match what I know of how frostbite works. Like, I don't think staying outside in the freezing cold is actually a frostbite cure. Johnny tells Sam to have some of the bottled water in his backpack, but it's frozen solid. Sam claims he can walk, so it's time to go to the beacon. But Joyce has been looking around, and she reports that it's missing. No one can see the beacon now? That's weird. Was it there last night?

Back at the main camp, Annie, Esther, Neeko, and Sabina have formed a search party and are looking for Irene and Miljan. Neeko says there should be footprints, but there aren't. It looks like they got another two feet of snow last night. And then! Sabina hears that musical birthday card! They look in the direction of the sound, and there's a hand sticking out of the snow. It's only about ten feet from them, so you'd think they'd go see what the deal is, instead of just standing around gasping. But I guess they need to put in a pause for the start of the episode.

Ah! Now that the credits are over, people are digging out whoever belongs to this hand. It's not Irene! In fact, it's Natalie! You remember how she quit the game in the middle of the night and we never saw her leave, right? Annie does not take this news well, and we see some slow-motion shots of her screaming and flailing while Neeko tries to calm her down.

The beacon team still can't see the beacon. They don't even know what direction it was. I feel they should have figured out where it was while they were walking. And now they don't even know what direction north is, even though it's a clear day and it's morning. Johnny is not the outdoorsman he has been made out to be if he doesn't know the sun rises in the east. Johnny decides he knows what direction they were going last night, and he leads them away.

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