The Sign of Three

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Best Man. Great Man. Good Man
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Eighteen, twelve and six months ago the headlines scream about a bank gang that's leaving the cops clueless. They're unable to secure a conviction. At each interval, Greg Lestrade and Sally Donovan exit the courthouse, frustrated that the whole Waters family is going to walk. Three months ago, after the crooks get away with it yet again, poor Greg kicks the hell out of the rear, driver's side tire as he rants to Donovan. They know they only way the Waters family is going down is if they manage to catch them in the act.

Yesterday, we watch as three men in horrifying latex clown masks steal pallets of gold bars from a bank vault. The masks are so creepy that, were I on the jury, I'd convict these guys just for wearing them. This time, Lestrade and Donovan are on top of the situation. While the crooks' laptop shows that the bank alarm is disabled, Donovan's shows "hacking detected." From her conversation with Lestrade, it seems she's been able to block the robbers from something I'm not even going to pretend I understand. Score one for the good guys.

When the police storm the bank, Lestrade and Donovan follow. Sally tells Greg he's got to make this arrest. "This one's yours, boss." He notes she's never before called him that. Sally says, "Ah well, look what happens when you're good." As he's going on about how this, unlike many, is a good day, he gets a text message alert. He ignores it, while rattles off a checklist of all the ways they've secured the scene. When the phone goes off again, Greg tells Sally to continue. After a couple more alerts, Greg says he has to answer it. Sally: "It's him, isn't it?" Of course it is.

Lestrade checks his messages. The first five read: HELP. BAKER ST. NOW. HELP ME. PLEASE. Greg tells Sally he has to go. "Sorry. You'll be fine. I'm cool with this." Sally objects and reminds him that someone named Jones will get all the credit, but it's no use. Lestrade will have to let it go. Out in his car, he calls into the station. "Backup. I need maximum backup. Baker St. Now!"

When Lestrade arrives at 221B, he rushes upstairs to find Sherlock hunched over his computer, so he asks what's going on. Sherlock is hesitant as he admits this is the hardest thing he's ever done. He sounds so scared and frustrated, Greg doesn't know what to make of any of it -- at least not 'til Sherlock holds up a book called How To Write An Unforgettable Best Man Speech. Oh, Sherlock. "Have you any funny stories about John?" Have you any nitroglycerin and perhaps some aspirin, to ward off Lestrade's impending coronary? "I need anecdotes." Well, Greg (Gavin, George, Geoffrey, Gordon) needs an ambulance. Sherlock hasn't heard a word I've said, but he does finally notice Lestrade's pained expression. "Didn't go to any trouble, did you?" Sirens and helicopters answer, so Greg can try to catch his breath.

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