The Empty Hearse

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I Don't Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Ah well, Gatiss wants us to play with him, so I'm happy to oblige. Before Sherlock hits the pavement, the bungee cord snaps him back up. He crashes through the window of of Molly's lab, unhooks the cord, straightens his coat, ruffles his hair 'til it's free of glass shards (and far sexier than it usually looks), then takes Molly's face in his hands and kisses her lips off. Molly's hand travels to his neck before he breaks their clinch. She is weak in the knees as she watches Sherlock leave.

Down on the street level, men dump the Sherlock-masked Moriarty corpse onto the sidewalk and spread fake blood on and around the body. John struggles to rise. As soon as he's on his feet, British mentalist Derren Brown hypnotizes him back to sleep, then counts down until John can wake again. Oh dear, I don't think the show will fulfill Sherlock's "magic trick" prophecy quite so literally. I'm sorry, I interrupted Gatiss while he's taking a well-earned poke at us. Across the way from John, people surround the masked corpse as the still-living Sherlock walks the St. Bart's hallway. John rushes to the corpse, which is soon wheeled off. Sherlock Holmes sweeps through the doors and into his new secret life.

Before we lose sight of the closing doors, we hear Lestrade's rejection of everything we've just seen. "Bollocks." We cut to the street -- to reality. Anderson is with Greg and is quite sure that the above is how it all played out. "It's obvious." Lestrade reminds Anderson of all the reasons Sherlock is really and sincerely dead, including the fact that Molly tended to Sherlock's corpse. Anderson, however, is sure Molly was in on the whole thing. Lestrade can't handle much more of this. "Two years and the theories keep getting more stupid. How many more have you got for me today?" Now, you might think that's another poke at fans and I suppose it could be, but if it is, Lestrade isn't standing in for the writers. Put a pin in this claim of mine. I'll explain it before too long.

Anderson starts to babble out an answer about the paving stones, but Lestrade knows what's going on here. Anderson feels guilty for his part in making the police doubt Sherlock in the first place. "You and Donovan. You did this. And it killed him. And he's staying dead. Do you honestly believe that if you have enough stupid theories, it's gonna change what really happened?" As Lestrade starts off, Anderson calls after him, "I believe in Sherlock Holmes." I'm surprised he didn't start that sentence with "Hashtag." Lestrade says that won't bring back Sherlock. Lestrade is painfully wrong. Sherlock, overgrown Tinker Bell that he is, lives on belief.

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