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Par-tay! Whooo!

London at night is blue. I never knew that. Belle is weirdly clinical about things tonight, claiming that "pleasure is taking place" everywhere. It sounds like people aren't even involved; there are just pockets of unaffiliated pleasure going on. The particular pocket she's involved in is going to involve an invitation and a straight black wig.

"Sometimes, I get paid to do something I've always wanted to do." What is that thing? We will not know until after the credits. I would just like to say that I find the name "Belle de Jour" (creator of the book/weblog this show is based on) distracting, because I keep thinking it should be "du", not "de" like in "soup du jour". I realize it's unfair of me to expect French to work the way I want it to, but there it is.

"I love it when my personal desires are the same as my professional duties," smirks Belle. "The most prestigious adult party in the country?" Sex parties are prestigious now? I'm not sure what the most prestigious one in the US would be. The AVN awards? That big pimps-and-hos thing in Las Vegas? The Republican National Convention? Zing! That's my political humor. People like it when you're topical.

The party in question is for couples only and everyone has to be under forty and beautiful. Well... I'm under forty. I guess I still have a couple of years left in which to become beautiful. Belle has a man with her and checks in her phone at the door. Her date briefs her on the way up the stairs to the party: for the purposes of the party, they're not married, although she does have to know some things about him, like his name (Alexander) and his job (he works on an engine of some sort). When Alexander panics about what Belle should say she does for a living, she laughs that in her dress, no one will care. Really, is there a lot of shop-talk at sex parties? Even prestigious ones seem like they have something else on their mind.

Belle takes a glass of champagne as she enters the party, but she assures us it's "just for show" when she's working. Yeah? Because I'm pretty sure I saw her drinking wine last episode when she accidentally told Daniel her real name. Belle tells us about how adult parties are like any other party: there are people who want to be the center of attention (by wearing nothing but feathers and shiny pasties), shy people in the corner (also wearing feathers, actually), a cool crowd (more feathers) and the back room where "the real party happens".

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Secret Diary of a Call Girl




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