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Love Quadrangle

Liv is at home, drinking wine, when Jake shows up. She lets him in and makes a crack about ruling the underworld. Jake explains that he was just following orders (heard it) and he thinks he can do a better job than Rowan did, and make the organization into something honorable. You know, honorable murderers and torturers who aren't under US jurisdiction. Liv wants Quinn back, but Jake doesn't have her. Liv isn't sure he's telling the truth. Jake adds that he wants to find Liv's mom and prosecute her, which Rowan would never do. Liv knows that her father started out just like Jake.

Jake says he serves at the pleasure of the President and Liv spits, "Don't we all." She goes on a rant about how she used to think serving the Republic was a calling, but now she thinks it just eats at you until you give all of yourself away in service of God and country. Couldn't Liv just…quit? Move away? Someone is feeling awfully sorry for herself. Jake asks her what's wrong and she says that Vermont is getting further and further away. He doesn't know what she's talking about and gets even more confused when she asks if he's a patriot.

Because she has a job for him; she's picked Jake to be her fake (?) boyfriend for the media. Fitz reads a story about the two of them canoodling in a public park as he waits for Mellie to finish introducing him at a fundraiser. As Mellie drones on, Liv walks up and Fitz has the fucking audacity to be jealous of Jake. Liv tells him to simmer down because this is the only way she can stay on the campaign and he knows it.

Fitz walks out on stage and prepares to announce his VP pick. Sally watches on television and phones Leo, demanding to know who Fitz has chosen. Leo's happy that Sally is back on her game (for now) and tells her not to worry, because he's on it. As Leo sits down, we see that he's having a clandestine nighttime bench meeting with Rowan. Well, it makes sense. They both hate Fitz and want to take him down. Hey! Maybe I could join their evil cabal!

Back to Fitz's announcement. And then a flashback to right before they went on stage, as Fitz and Nichols man-hugged in the green room. Then Nichols told Mellie she looked stunning, and as soon as Fitz walked away, said that he's dreamed of being near Mellie again every day of the last twelve years. Surprise! She's the one he's in love with! Mellie's the one who got away! Nichols jogs out on stage and Fitz, Mellie, and Nichols clasp hands and raise them overhead. Mellie's in the middle! I hope she has some really good sex with this Nichols dude. She deserves it.

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