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Love Quadrangle

Ugh, then we have to get into the whole Liv wants to resign, Fitz doesn't want her to. Look, if she really wanted to resign, she'd walk in with her resignation letter. This is all just more bullshit between these two that I guess we're supposed to think is romantic but I'm SO TIRED of it. Liv doesn't think that the press will move on from the affair rumors as long as she's on the campaign. Since he has no response, he shuts the door and starts making out with her. GAH. Gross. Their relationship is a real problem on a show that wants to (and used to) feature a strong central female character. It undermines that when her boyfriend doesn't listen to her and shuts her up by kissing her and grabs her so she can't leave and tells her that he won't let her. I hope Rowan drowns Fitz. I mean, Liv isn't blameless here, but I feel like she could spring back to respectability if he died.

Anyway, Liv gets to the meat of the issue; she wants to know why Fitz put Jake in charge of B613, knowing what being Command will do to him. Fitz reminds her that he killed a planeload of innocent people, plus he let her mother go free, and he needs to be able to trust the person in charge of burying those secrets. Then they yell at each other some more about her resigning and Liv leaves, resigned to not resigning.

Harrison is working late at the office when he hears a noise. He takes out his gun but is still surprised by a sexy lady standing behind him. I guess SHE is Adnan. I totally missed that on first viewing. I thought she just worked for Adnan. Anyway, she says she missed him and starts kissing up on him. Harrison pushes her away but then succumbs and they do sex on his desk.

Cyrus finds Leo sitting in his office with his feet on Cyrus's desk. After some banter about how Leo's balls (look, I just report the facts), Leo says that they have a problem with the reporter questioning DDL's autopsy, and they must have a leak. Cyrus says he's handling it, but Leo says they're in it together. Cyrus finally agrees and they start talking about cleanup. Cut to James and David Rosen listening to the audio of this conversation in Rosen's office. Turns out the digital photo frame in Cyrus's office has a hidden recorder, placed there by James. Who has flip-flopped yet again and is now vowing to take down his husband, the monster. Rosen says this recording is a good start but it's inadmissible because at least one party needs to know they're being recorded. Rosen is also worried about the source of the leak, because Cyrus and Leo will probably kill him if they find out. James apparently never thought of that? Even though he knows his husband is a monster? Anyway, James is Publius. Duh. Who else could it have been?

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