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Love Quadrangle

Abby bursts into Harrison's office and accuses him of stealing her gun. He did. She reminds him that they're supposed to be the normal ones in the office, and he should have just asked. She wonders why he needs it. Harrison shows her the picture on his phone; Adnan sent it. It's Harrison and three former co-workers on a job for Salif. The other three are all dead now. Abby asks if it's a threat and Harrison replies that it's a promise. That's some bad writing. Come on, people. You can do better than that. This whole Harrison storyline is lame-o. Anyway, Harrison demonstrates that he knows how to load and unload the gun, and Abby sighs and tells him to be careful. I can't really read Harrison's expression in this scene. He looks like he's about to cry. Abby, on the other hand, has an amazing snake-print wrap dress on that she's maybe worn before? It looks fantastic.

Liv is doing a mock video interview with Nichols. He asks if she's testing his Q rating and Liv says they're trying to figure out how to help him to come off as less of a playboy. He denies being one, but Liv presents the evidence, including that he knows the difference between supermodel, swimsuit model, and runway model. Maybe he just likes to watch America's Next Top Model of a Friday.

Liv starts the interview by asking why he hasn't settled down. Nichols gives a really canned answer about how he loves his work and he dates women who do too, so it never works out. Liv tells him that's a fake answer, and she harangues him until he finally admits that he had a chance at love and he lost it. Gee, I wonder if that mysterious love will come up again. For once, I actually accurately predicted a storyline on this show ÔÇô the second he said he had a lost love, I thought, "It's Mellie." Is that a spoiler? Do people really read these without having already watched the episode? Well, you would have found out in a minute anyway. Anyway, Nichols says he might get another chance at marriage in the future, but he's not going to marry someone he doesn't love.

Liv goes to see Fitz in the Oval. Liv and Fitz harass poor Lauren about whether she should leave the door open or closed and I don't know why she hasn't either murdered the two of them or run screaming from the room. I hope she's paid well. Anyway, Liv makes Fitz stand away from her, making it clear between that and the door open thing that this isn't a social call. She says that she can make Nichols work for the ticket but her gut tells her it's the wrong choice. And she should resign.

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