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Love Quadrangle

Harrison looks (sadly?) at a picture on his phone and then takes a call from David Rosen, who reports that Adnan Salif can't be deported, because he has friends in powerful places.

Mellie flits into Cyrus's office (which everyone seems to be doing lately – he should get a lock) and wants to know how they're handling the DDL situation. Cyrus assures her that it's handled. Mellie wants details, but Cyrus hands her a tabloid with a headline about Fitz and Olivia and tells her that she needs to get her husband under control. Mellie says it's not her fault that Fitz "makes googly eyes at Olivia in public," but Cyrus reminds her that she's the one who wanted Liv in charge of the campaign, so it is her fault, and she needs to fix it.

Cut to Mellie sitting in a restaurant as Olivia walks in to meet her for lunch. There's a lot of talking under their breath while smiling and laughing on the surface, because there are reporters outside and positioned at nearby tables, but apparently not close enough to hear what's being said? Apparently, they are dining in the Cone of Silence.

Mellie explains that she's saving Fitz's campaign by dining with Liv, because everyone knows she wouldn't embrace Fitz's whore. She adds that she's worked really hard to get Fitz where he is, and Liv will take him across the finish line, but she won't succeed if people know what kind of person she really is. Or what kind of person Mellie, Cyrus, Fitz, etc. really are, right? It's not like Liv is the only evil person on the campaign. Liv shows that she's no amateur by pointing out the various reporters and gossip bloggers stationed around the restaurant. Liv genuinely tells Mellie that this was a smart move, and Mellie says it's only the first step. She hands Liv a list of eligible bachelors and tells her to pick one to date publicly, to further squelch the affair rumors. Mellie's smart; Liv can't say no because it's a good idea and they have the same endgame – they want Fitz to win the election. Why they both want it so bad is another question. Mellie wants it, I guess, because she's given up her life and her dignity for it, so she can't back down now. Liv wants it because…Fitz wants it? Because she thinks he's a good man and good President? I get why she thought that ages ago, I guess, but I don't know why she still does.

That same reporter in the Press Corps gets another Publius text asking if she's still digging on the DDL autopsy. She replies that she needs more info and asks if he's got anything else. Has she done any actual journalism other than asking the question at the press briefing? Lazy.

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