Ride, Sally, Ride

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Love Quadrangle

Charlie and Quinn are shopping in a hardware store for killing people supplies. Charlie is lying to Quinn that Command is still mulling over whether or not she can join B613, as if Command doesn't just make snap decisions. I mean, once you know what B613 really is, don't you kind of have to be in or dead? Quinn says she'll have to get a regular-person job and Charlie says that they'll always have side work. An employee asks to help them and Charlie has a great time pretending to buy tools when he's really buying torture devices. Cyrus calls Charlie with "a mop-up job" and Charlie gleefully relays the news to Quinn.

Cut to Quinn convincing a little kid to get a ride home with her. This part of the episode made me queasy; I was worried they were going to have to harm a child and while I love the soapiness of this show, that's a bridge too far for me.

James is in Cyrus's office, begging for details on Daniel Douglas's autopsy so that he knows what not to say. All I know from watching The West Wing is that James is terrible at his job; the press secretary should only know the story that he or she is delivering so that he or she can be truthful to the best of his or her knowledge. Anyway, James makes Cyrus look at a digital photo frame of their daughter (who is…where exactly?), but Cyrus remains unmoved.

Liv walks into OPA and Abby immediately starts apologizing for her performance on the TV show. Liv doesn't care; she wants Abby and Huck to dig up everything they can on Daniel Douglas's death, because it seems like there's more to the story at the very least. Huck goes online and discovers that the coroner said DD died of natural causes and there was no autopsy, and the medical examiner never signed off. Abby and Liv exchange, "This is super fishy" looks.

Cut to Abby and Huck visiting the coroner at home, claiming to be reporters. She lets them in. What? Who would do that? I didn't do anything wrong, and I still wouldn't let a reporter into my house to ask me questions about anything. Anyway, the coroner claims that DDL had elevated levels of troponin, which indicates a heart attack. Abby wants to see the lab results, but the coroner hesitates and then says she destroyed the results because the VP didn't want the tests run. Huck slides a folder across the table and Abby explains that it's blackmail material; apparently the coroner has a drug arrest in her past. The coroner goes to her plan B, which is to claim that DDL was a heavy drinker, and he passed out and hit his head on the toilet and died. The camera pans into the next room, where we see Quinn and Charlie holding the kid they kidnapped earlier, the coroner's son. Huck and Abby buy the story and leave; Charlie lets the kid go to his mom. Quinn doesn't look real happy with Charlie's tactics and she stares wistfully after Abby and Huck as they leave.

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