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Love Quadrangle

A White House reporter gets a text from someone who claims to be Publius (Latin for Of the people and also one of the pseudonyms used by the authors of The Federalist Papers), asking why there was no autopsy on Daniel Douglas. She's intrigued.

Leo and Abby prepare to go on a political talk show panel together. Leo tries to get under Abby's skin by suggesting that she's nervous and her forehead is sweating. Once the show starts, Abby makes the point that Sally is being reckless by trashing Fitz outside the White House while pretending to work with him inside. Leo retorts that it's more reckless for Fitz to hire his mistress as his campaign manager. Yeah, he said it. He's not wrong. Abby feigns shock and says that those rumors were put to bed (so to speak) long ago. The show's host points out that Fitz admitted that Jeanine Locke was his mistress, but Leo says that he could have had more than one mistress.

Liv arrives in the West Wing as James deals with a raucous press corps demanding answers on Leo's claims. Liv slams into Cyrus's office and says that they need to hit back and leak some dirt on Sally. Cyrus says he has no dirt. As they watch, the White House reporter who got the text asks James why Daniel Douglas Langston's autopsy report wasn't released, since his medical records are government and public property. James says he'll "take" the question, meaning he'll get back to her when he finds out. Liv is psyched that they've got a way to change the conversation and tells Cyrus to fan the flames.

Leo is thrilled with how things are going, and gives all the good news to Sally. She's not so happy because she thinks their lies are catching up with them, and she thinks it's all going to shit because she went against her religious beliefs and condoned abortion. Leo points out that condoning abortion is the least of Sally's sins, and Sally says very seriously that she didn't murder her husband: "The devil murdered my husband when he snuck inside me. And the reason I was not vigilant, the reason I did not rise up and turn the devil away from my gate is that he distracted me." Leo's like "WHOA THERE CRAZY LADY." Sally adds that the devil snuck inside her and used her hand as a vessel of murder and sin. I don't know if Sally is going to make it through any sort of public appearance if this is where her mind's at. Leo looks nervous.

So Leo barges into Cyrus's office. Cyrus tells him to leave because there's no "electioneering" allowed in the White House, and Leo points out that Olivia is all over the West Wing. Cyrus can't respond to that, so he shuts the door and asks Leo what he wants. After they banter a bit about how Leo's going to have that office soon and how Sally can't win as a third-party candidate, Cyrus says that he's happy to expose Sally for the "pro-life homophobic raging bitch" that she really is. Leo counters that Cyrus is a "corpse-moving obstructer of justice." Leo's made his point – he know that Cyrus's hands are nearly as dirty as Sally's, so Cyrus can't play that card in the election.

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