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Love Quadrangle

Just in case anyone at home was doubting the accuracy of this particular plot twist, they throw in a montage of reporters telling us that this particular move has happened before in history, and that Fitz doesn't have the political capital to get her removed from office by Congress. It seems a bit silly that the writers felt it necessary to stave off objections this way; on this show, you just have to suspend disbelief with the opening credits and just go along for the ride, right?

Fitz is pouting in his office, poor baby, and he caps off his tantrum by throwing a glass of scotch at Cyrus and Mellie. Does anyone, anywhere feel bad for this character? He's an idiot who can't keep it in his pants. Wah wah wah. Anyway, Liv marches in and gets stern with Fitz, telling him to stop day-drinking and pick a vice president already, so they can start shoring up what little support they have left. Liv and Cyrus have made a list, but Fitz mopes that he's already chosen someone: Andrew Nichols, current governor of California. Cyrus starts to object, but Liv silences him and says that Nichols is another straight white dude from California, so he doesn't exactly show diversity or attract voters who wouldn't vote for Fitz otherwise. Fitz says that Nichols is loyal, he was Fitz's lieutenant governor in California, and they should call him today. Cyrus and Mellie filter out and Liv turns to continue the conversation, but Fitz shuts her down. Why is she working for him again? And why is she sleeping with him again? Fitz is so sucky that he's kind of making me hate everyone who takes him seriously as a candidate and a person, and that includes Liv. Especially because she looks sad, like she's upset that he's in pain, instead of pissed off that he's acting like an infant and being rude to her and everyone else.

James meets with David Rosen, and they listen to the recording of the Sally/Cyrus phone call from the night she killed her husband. Rosen apologizes to James, since he was right all along, but says that the recording is inadmissible. James takes that as his cue to leave; he's not interesting in helping now that he has a big White House job. Rosen is furious, but James points out that David kind of did the same thing when he took the job Cyrus got for him instead of going forward with the election fixing prosecution. I hate James, but he's kind of right. As James leaves, Harrison calls Rosen, panicked, and asks for a favor. Rosen refuses, but Harrison barrels ahead and says that an old friend named Adnan Salif just got a visa, and he wants Rosen to look into it. Rosen says he'll try. Look into it how? Like find out what exactly? If Salif got a visa? Who granted it? How is that going to be helpful? If this Harrison storyline doesn't start paying dividends soon, I'm going to be seriously annoyed.

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