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Flashback to Mellie, after the rape. She walks into the bedroom she shares with Fitz, who is sleeping. She is stunned and disheveled. Fitz wakes up and asks where she's been, and she lies that she was on the phone with her father. Fitz wants her to come to bed, but she wants to take a shower first. She can't even look at Fitz's face. She takes his hand and he pulls her into the bed, spooning her. As Mellie struggles to keep from sobbing, Fitz rambles on about how he wishes his father would apologize and be on his side, just once. Fitz adds that if his father would apologize, he would run for Governor. Mellie sees a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.

Present day Mellie is making apologize to her interviewer, because Fitz can't make their joint interview. That is, until Fitz walks into the room and cracks a joke, and they start the interview with Mellie looking surprised as hell. During the interview, Mellie is asked about the hit on her popularity, and she says she doesn't read polls. The interviewer summarizes that nearly half of the American people question whether they want Mellie representing them at all. Good, because she wasn't elected and she doesn't represent them. Mellie coldly says that's not what the polls suggest, and the interviewer says she claimed she doesn't read polls. Gotcha! The interviewer says that a third of Americans question Mellie's sanity, and wonders how Mellie justifies the decision to go on television and air her marital dirty laundry in front of the world.

Mellie loses her composure as she tries to parse through the lies and half-truths and come up with a palatable answer to that question. After an uncomfortable pause, Fitz says that voters are barking up the wrong tree. The interviewer says that the question was for Mellie, and Fitz says that it wasn't a question, it was an attack, and any attacks on his wife go through him first. Fitz then says that he's the one who had the affair, and he should be the sole carrier of the blame, not Mellie. He adds that he made the mistake, he's apologized for it, and he's trying to move on. He takes Mellie's hands and says they're both trying to move on, and they ask the American people to try to do the same. That was super convincing if we didn't know that he told Olivia like yesterday that he loves her. Poor Mellie is eating it up with a spoon, though.

At OPA, Liv stops in the conference room for another update. I know this is a device to give the audience updates, but it's starting to feel like Liv just sits in her office, staring at a picture of Fitz and waiting for everyone else to do the work. Anyway, they've located the guy who drove the stairs (Michael Bluth?) and Jake is scheduled to go by his workplace tonight to interview him. So that should turn out well.

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