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Now. There's been a lot of debate online (and probably offline too, but I'm a hermit who never leaves the house or talks to other adults AKA stay-at-home mom) about that scene, and whether it went too far. Some felt that it was a transparent attempt to redeem the character of Mellie, and get us on her side, and that a serious subject like rape shouldn't have been used so lightly. But here's the thing: I was already on Mellie's side. I don't presume to be inside Shonda's head (it's very busy in there), or the other writers' heads, but to me, it seemed like they wanted viewers to know that Mellie didn't just make small sacrifices for the sake of Fitz's career. She gave everything. She gave it all. She didn't just give up her successful law career, her right to privacy, whatever hopes and dreams and hobbies she had before Fitz came along. She gave up her dignity and perhaps her soul so that Fitz could be elected. Was that the right choice? Was it the choice that you or I might make? That is certainly open to debate. But when we question what motivates Mellie to push so hard for Fitz to remain in office, despite how shitty their marriage is, and despite how he treats her, this is why. Because if he isn't President, then why did she do nothing about the rape? Why didn't she report it, or tell Fitz? If she becomes less than the driven Mellie we've come to know, then it was all for nothing. That's my take, anyway.

Current day Mellie paces in the Oval Office, drink in hand, waiting for Fitz. When he finally arrives she says that she's exhausted from running around with the camera crew, trying to make America fall in love with her again, since they hate her because Fitz had an affair. Fitz sighs and asks what's wrong now. Mellie goes on a rant about how Fitz didn't show up for the photo op, and he left her hanging like he always does, and she's tired of doing everything herself. Fitz tells her that they shouldn't pretend to be something they're not. Mellie grits her teeth and growls, "If you knew the sacrifices that I have made. The things that I have given up and the pieces of myself that I've given away for you, and you treat me this way? You declare war on me. And you shame me. And you make me beg for scraps when I have done nothing but fight for you!" Mellie takes a breath and says quietly, "You don't have to love me. But we are in this hell together, and the flames are burning both of us with equal intensity, baby, so the least you could do is be my friend. Just a little bit." She starts crying here. "The least you could do is show up! Show up for me!" Begging now. "Show up for me, Fitz! Instead of being like some…stranger." Jesus. Give her the Emmy now. Fitz, to his credit, seems affected by his wife's speech.

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