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Abby and Harrison report their findings back at OPA, including that Omar Dresden's family thinks he died in the crash. Liv thinks someone had to see what happened, but the gate agent couldn't see and everyone else on the flight is dead. Huck says he'll find out what other flights were on the tarmac at the same time, and Liv tells Harrison and Abby to seek out any other airport employees who were there and may have seen something. Stupid Quinn is too busy taking phone calls from her boyfriend Charlie to help out, and they make plans to get together.

Sally and Daniel Douglas prepare to attend an event. As Sally helps her husband with his bowtie, she gives him a little speech about how well things are going with her pending campaign, and how they will be under additional scrutiny so they need to be careful about who they "frequent with" and make sure it reflects their family's values. In other words, keep it in your pants, dude. Daniel Douglas says he gets it, just like he got it when Sally brought it up before.

In flashback, it's night now and Big Jerry has clearly been drinking all day. He delivers a sloppy speech to Mellie about how he's a decent father because he never beat his kids like his old man did to him. That's a pretty low bar, dude. He's also upset that Fitz judges him for sleeping around, since his wife never knew so who cares? You know, it's interesting to find out how Mellie and Fitz became terrible people but I kind of want to know what the fuck happened to Big Jerry to turn HIM into a monster. Maybe in season eight, they'll get to that. Mellie placates Big Jerry and assures him that they'll get this disagreement straightened out so they can launch Fitz's campaign.

Big Jerry thinks for a minute and then tells Mellie about how Fitz shot down Flight 522, adding that they had "rock solid intel" that there was "a dirty bomb on board." Mellie, shocked, brings up all the innocent lives lost and Big Jerry says they would have died anyway, once the bomb went off in London, plus other people, plus it would have started World War III. Then Big Jerry goes off on a rant about why they had to cover it up, which transitions into his favorite subject: Fitz is ungrateful and too sensitive. Mellie stares into the fireplace, trying to incorporate this new information into her worldview, while Big Jerry stares at her face and then tells her she's beautiful. He grabs her leg, and she tells him to stop. But he doesn't stop. He's a big guy, and he's stronger than her, and fueled by alcohol, and if I thought he was one of history's greatest monsters before, after he rapes his daughter-in-law, it's confirmed. Jesus. Poor Mellie.

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