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Flashback to Mellie chasing Cyrus down the driveway, trying to convince him to stay since this is just a small family argument. Cyrus claims he gets enough family drama at home WITH HIS WIFE (emphasis mine). I'm less shocked that Cyrus has a beard and more shocked that any woman would marry a man with that beard. Cyrus says he's there to get Fitz elected, and it's Mellie's job to hold his hand and buck him up. Mellie counters that she's more than just a wife; she's a partner in a law firm. Cyrus tells her that she'll have to give all that up if Fitz runs, and Mellie says she plans to do charity work. Cyrus hesitates and then offers up a free tip: if Fitz is going to be a career politician and make it to the White House, then he will be Mellie's charity and full time job. He walks away, and Mellie thinks it over, and then promises that if Cyrus comes back in the morning, Fitz will be ready to work. She will take care of it. So that's where Mellie decided to put everything she ever wanted and dreamed of for herself aside and become part of the Fitz Political Machine. It was the first step in a series of terrible dominos falling that led to the broken and amoral woman she has become.

Cyrus is in his office talking to Amber, the escort they hired to entrap Daniel Douglas. Mellie bursts in and wants to know where Fitz was, and complains that she's doing this whole interview for him and his re-election so he needs to meet her halfway. Now she's worried that he won't show up for their joint interview tomorrow. Cyrus says it's on his schedule, but Mellie wants to know if he will show up, meaning will he be present and help sell the charade of their marriage. Cyrus sighs and says he doesn't know. Mellie looks stricken, realizing that everything she has sacrificed may have been for nothing.

Abby and Harrison interview the gate agent from the plane that was shot down/crashed. She explains that they had a full plane, but then one of the flight attendants called back to the gate and said that a Federal Marshal was taking someone off the plane. Abby looks at Harrison in disbelief that this little factoid wasn't mentioned in the investigation of the flight. The agent says she told the NTSB investigator, but it must not have been important in the grand scheme, because the news reports didn't mention it. Abby asks if she saw the passenger being removed, and the agent says it was way out on the tarmac, at night. But she does remember his name: Omar Dresden. I'm really surprised that Rowan didn't have this woman killed already. She knows too much.

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