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Back in present day, at OPA, Abby brings Liv up to date on their investigation, including that Big Jerry was the head of the committee that investigated the crash. She adds that they're tracking down people at the airport that day, who might have seen something useful. Liv looks sad, so Abby tells her that she's going to hug her, and then does. Liv is frozen at first, but seems to appreciate the gesture of comfort, given all the shit that she's gone through lately.

Stupid Quinn hides in some bushes and stakes out Charlie as he stakes out a client in a motel room. Because he's an actual spy and not a wannabe like Quinn, he spots her and walks over. He throws her a coat because he figures she's cold. Quinn didn't even have a believable cover story in case she got busted (she's seriously the worst at both spying and life) so she stammers, "I was…I was…looking for…" and Charlie grabs her, slams her against the wall, and kisses her. Then he walks away and says if she wants to hang out tomorrow night, call him. Ugh, Quinn. You are a dummy.

Mellie stands in the hallway of the West Wing, holding giant baby Teddy whose hair is weirdly wet and slicked down. Sally walks by, and Mellie collars her. Sally says Teddy is getting big and in my second-favorite moment of the episode, Mellie dismissively says, "He's huge." I don't know why I love that Mellie hates her baby, but I kind of do, maybe because she's so transparent about it. Anyway, Mellie says that one of her staffers claimed that Daniel Douglas got "a little handsy" with her, but it's handled and she won't talk. Sally says quickly and firmly that the staffer is lying to Mellie's surprise; she was thinking this would stir up doubts in Sally's mind, I guess. Before they can talk further, the interviewer comes back to continue Mellie's interview, and Sally takes off.

This part of the interview is apparently going to feature Mellie taking Teddy in to play with Fitz in the Oval Office. Mellie is making a lot of noise about how this is a nightly occurrence, no matter what else Fitz has on the schedule, and he would be really upset if they didn't show up. As Mellie escorts the camera crew in, the admin tries to warn her, but Mellie (kind of manic now) ignores her and opens the door of the Oval – and finds it completely empty. We see Mellie's disappointment, but a second later when she turns and faces the cameras again, she's got a big smile as she says the President is very busy.

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