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After the meeting, Quinn find Huck in his office and wants him to admit that she called something weird going on with Liv's father, and insists that she's not just an adrenaline junkie, but that she has good instincts. Huck has no comment, and still shuts her out. Good. Shut her out of the office, why don't you?

The Gladiators are researching. Abby discovers that the flight was cleared for takeoff but then didn't take off for another twenty-seven minutes and was never listed as delayed. Quinn found out that there was one person missing from the manifest who was supposed to be on the plane. They offer up some reasonable explanations for the discrepancy, but Jake points out that Congress investigated the crash, and the head of the committee was Big Jerry. That's… probably not a coincidence.

Flashback Fitz has a Scotch. Big Jerry walks into the room and says he'll have one too. In one of my favorite moments of the episode, Fitz just looks at him like, "Seriously? You can't pour your own drink? The drink cart is RIGHT THERE," then rolls his eyes and gets up to pour the old man a drink. Big Jerry immediately starts yelling at Fitz about how he had to join the Navy against Big Jerry's wishes. Fitz says he wanted to fly planes, but Big Jerry think he was trying to prove he was a man and running away from his legacy. Big Jerry adds that Fitz shouldn't have signed up to fly black ops missions. Fitz complains that he aced flight school but because of his father, they had him "raising flags and shaking hands." So he signed up to be able to fly planes, and then he was given an order. Big Jerry thunders, "GRANTS DON'T TAKE ORDERS." Fitz says he won't campaign on a lie. Big Jerry spits that he had to call in a lot of favors to cover up the plane Fitz shot down, so now he owns Fitz, and it's time for call in that chit.

Before Fitz can respond, Mellie runs in and says that Cyrus is leaving. Neither man responds, and Fitz says again that he won't run on a lie. Big Jerry says that without his war record, Fitz has nothing to run on other than being a Grant. And he's not as smart or as interesting as Big Jerry. Mellie flinches as Big Jerry continues to run down Fitz's deficits, and adds that he made Fitz, and he can destroy him. Big Jerry concludes, "So you'll do what you're told, and that's an order." Fitz parrots back his father's words: "Grants don't take orders." Heh. Good one, Fitz. Man, his dad is a grade A asshole, isn't he? Who talks to their kids like that? Mellie is stunned as the two men walk away, still arguing.

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