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Which leads us into flashback Cyrus giving a presentation on how he thinks Fitz can win California. A lot of it is dependent on his father's work with farmers and the defense industry. One point to note: Cyrus consistently contradicts Big Jerry, which makes it clear he's working for Fitz and not the old man. They're concerned about how Fitz can win over the large immigrant population, but Cyrus says they don't have to, because they can run on Fitz's war hero record, which will attract retired military and Orange County conservatives. Fitz says he won't run as a war hero, so they'll have to wait and run next time. Big Jerry says they won't find weaker competition than this so it's now or never. Fitz asks combatively if his father has heard a word he's said. Mellie tries to play peacemaker but Jerry simply booms, "Son? Do what you're told." Fitz says he won't run on his military experience and leaves the room.

Back in present day, Mellie is complaining to Cyrus about how she has to act all domestic to rehab her image, and wonders why she has to apologize when Fitz had the affair. Cyrus agrees it's not fair, but it's how it works, and then they turn their attention to picking out an escort who will appeal to Daniel Douglas Langston. Cyrus's picks are too trashy, but Mellie finds the perfect candidate. Cyrus will make sure that Sally is out of town at the reception where the escort will appear. Mellie is going to put doubts in her mind about her marriage. These two are a formidable team of evil.

Cyrus finds Mellie in a hallway and asks her to go to a dinner in Iowa on the President's behalf; she agrees. Then Cyrus tries to avoid James in the press room, but James follows him into the hall and whines about why he didn't get the Mellie interview. Cyrus says it wasn't his call but James whines some more about how his job is on the line for this. Cyrus doesn't care, because he's a terrible husband and evil. Then again, I have little patience for James. Then again, I didn't marry him.

Over at OPA, Liv has just filled everyone in on who her father is, and that he gave the order to have the plane shot down. So what Liv wants to find out is if he was trying to kill her mother specifically or if she was collateral damage. Liv takes a moment to warn them that her father is dangerous and poking this hornet's nest could put them all in the line of fire. They all instantly agree to work on it. But Liv has held back one piece of information to make this as dramatic as possible: that the pilot who shot down the plane was Fitz.

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