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Back in the present day, stupid Quinn is on another stupid shooting date with Charlie. She's getting better, but I note that all of his shots were center mass. She asks what he's got going on next, thinking it's some sexy assassination or something, but Charlie breaks the news that he's working as a PI, trying to catch a cheating husband. Quinn is disappointed; I guess Charlie's ongoing plot to convince Quinn that he's harmless and trustworthy is working.

Olivia, wearing a weird black trench coat with white collar and cuffs, looks like the Flying Nun or something. Anyway, she's getting ready to leave her apartment when the Fitz phone rings. She decides to ignore it, then pauses, then leaves, and then runs back in and answers it. Aw, Liv. Go with your first instinct. Anyway, Fitz is all, "I hope you're okay! I want to know that you're safe!" Liv tells him that it's none of his beeswax, because he is a stranger to her now. She gives a fairly melodramatic speech about how she's surrounded by murderers and men with a body count. Fitz tells her that he can't give her details but there were reasons for what he did, and he concludes, "I love you." Liv gives the best response ever: "So what?" I wish she had hung up, because that was a great exit line. Instead, Liv says sadly that she thought she knew everything about Fitz. He crinkles his face sadly and asks her to stay away from Jake because he's dangerous. Liv says that Rowan is the one who is dangerous, and Fitz is surprised to hear she knows about Rowan. So he doesn't know that's Liv's father. He begs her (pretty forcefully) to stop digging on Remington. Liv hangs up and throws the phone on the table.

Cut to OPA, where Liv and Jake are in the conference room, looking at photos of Liv's mom and the plane crash on the window/pinboard. The other associates arrive and Jake asks if Liv is sure she wants to do this, and she nods. Abby, Harrison, and Quinn join Huck in the conference room and ask what's going on. Liv says that they have a new client to help while Josie works on her stump speech. Quinn squints at the photo and says she looks familiar and Liv drops the bomb: "Probably because she was my mother."

We're back in Mellie's interview, as she shows off the artwork of the East Wing. The interviewer makes a weirdly big deal about Mellie calling California her home state when she was raised in North Carolina, like relax interviewer. But this leads into the interviewer asking Mellie if she feels like she gave up a piece of herself and made sacrifices to join the Grant political dynasty. Look, anyone who is in a serious relationship makes sacrifices both small and large; it's part of joining a team. But men never get asked that question, do they? Anyway, Mellie says that her home is wherever Fitz is.

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