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Rowan keeps walking down long hallways, passing through many gates and doors, accompanied by security.

Fitz looks through Olivia's file, learning more information about her mother. And then he flips through the other side, with information about her father, who works at the Smithsonian. The PI notes that he had a hard time getting a picture of him, but found one finally. Fitz looks at it and recognize the man he knows at Rowan. He nearly shits his pants.

Rowan enters one final door, which is guarded by someone in military uniform, and goes into a jail cell alone. He sits on a chair and speaks to a figure shrouded in blankets on a bed, saying, "Our daughter's been asking about you." The figure sits up and sure enough, it's Liv's mom. She's not looking so great after presumably spending the last fifteen years or so in prison.

So, fine. You're not shocked that Liv's mom is alive. We all knew that. But wait for this last scene. In flashback, Mellie and Fitz thank all the volunteers who've been helping on the campaign, so it's obviously a few weeks at least after the previous flashback. Mellie concludes her speech by saying how much she loves her amazing husband, and they look happy and in love. They all toast, including Big Jerry, but Mellie quickly sets her glass down. Fitz notices, and realizes that she's pregnant. Mellie says quickly that it's early yet, and then their nice moment is interrupted by Big Jerry's guffaw from nearby. Fitz says ruefully that if it's a boy, they'll have to name it Jerry. Mellie sort of laughs and then hugs Fitz with a look of terror on her face as the viewers do the math and we all go, "HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS! Is Big Jerry the father of Mellie's oldest child?" WHAAAAT? I did NOT see that coming. This fucking show.

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