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Mellie straightens Fitz's lapels and tells him plainly that he gave a great performance in the interview, going on the attack. Fitz says sincerely that it wasn't a choice, and he meant every word. Mellie looks surprised and smiles at him, and then they grab hands and walk into the reception. Man, he knows just how to reel her in when he needs to, right? Although, I guess he could love Olivia but still want to keep Mellie from being attacked for things that aren't her fault.

At the reception, Cyrus is trying to keep tabs on Daniel Douglas as Amber the Escort puts her best moves on him, but James and his Giant Purple Bowtie keep interrupting him. Cyrus gets annoyed and tells James that he didn't get the interview with Mellie because his integrity took a hit when he did the softball interview with Mellie before, and then he screwed the pooch on his interview with Josie Marcus. Before Cyrus can list more ways in which James sucks at his job, James interrupts and drops the bomb that he got fired. Cyrus, to his credit, at least looks a little sad for his husband, and James, to his credit, just walks away.

Amber finds her way back to Cyrus and reports that she's not having any luck. Cyrus thanks her for her time and sends her away. Mellie and Cyrus meet up and Cyrus breaks the news that Daniel Douglas didn't take the bait. Mellie sighs that maybe Amber wasn't his type. They both sip their champagne and then Mellie catches sight of Daniel Douglas, who is busy giggling and flirting…with James. Well, that explains why Sally was so sure that Daniel Douglas didn't get handsy with Mellie's female staffer. Mellie and Cyrus are thrilled at their success in digging up something to use against Sally.

Fitz, back in the Oval, gets a report from the same PI that was tailing Jake in the last episode. This time, he's doing surveillance on Olivia, complete with a background file and photos, which Fitz leafs through as the PI tells him that nothing out of the ordinary happened this week.

Meanwhile, Rowan arrives at some sort of prison or military installation or both, and shows ID to get through the door.

Meanwhile, Jake arrives to do his interview with the airport stair driver – turns out he's the guy that Quinn just murdered. Oops. He calls Liv to tell her and says that someone is way ahead of them. Liv says it has to be her father.

Quinn hides behind a dumpster somewhere and tries to call Huck, who's not answering. Charlie appears and takes her phone, then shows her the security footage of Quinn murdering the guard. He tells her, "You belong to B613 now. Welcome to Wonderland." Yikes. I mean, she's dumb and all, but this is beyond. Of course, now Huck will have to rescue her and probably get hurt or die in the process, and I'll be pissed off all over again.

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