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Cut to Charlie and Quinn's weird date, where they're staking out some office building where Charlie claims he needs to steal a file. They've been waiting for the guy to take a bathroom break, but he hasn't, so now Charlie pulls out two syringes and shows Quinn. She gets all horned up at the thought of injecting someone with a sedative, and begs Charlie to let her do it by saying that Huck let her torture someone once. Charlie hands over the syringes but not before making out with Quinn in their car to seal the deal. She is gross. So is he.

Quinn walks into the building with Charlie on the phone giving her advice. She claims she has to pick up a file on the fifteenth floor, so the guard tells her to sign in. When he goes to hand her a pen, she stabs him in the hand with the syringe and then stares at him with a look of creepy ecstasy on her face until he passes out. She picks up the phone and tells Charlie that it's all clear, but what's that? Charlie's not there? And the security guard is not so much sedated as dying, with bloody foam coming out of his mouth? It's a set-up, Quinn, you dummy. The security guard hits the floor so Quinn rolls him on his back, all the better to choke on his own fluids. And then she runs out of the building. She doesn't wipe away fingerprints or destroy security footage or anything. She is TERRIBLE at this.

Flashback Mellie comes downstairs to breakfast the morning after the rape to find Big Jerry sitting at the table, eating breakfast. She joins him, and once their waiter is gone, Big Jerry says that things got a little out of hand last night. Mellie tells him curtly not to mention it, because she won't. She continues that they should talk about how when Fitz comes downstairs, Big Jerry is going to tell him whatever he needs to hear: how proud Big Jerry is, how sorry he is for being a bad father, and he doesn't have to run on his military record. Big Jerry thinks for a minute and tells Mellie, "You are an asset." Mellie says forcefully, "I am his wife." Fitz walks in and says they should get going, but Mellie says sweetly that they should stay for breakfast, especially since Big Jerry wants to apologize. So there she is, the Mellie that we know. Mining her own personal horror to gain political power.

In present day, Fitz and Mellie are still being filmed by the camera crew as they prep for the cocktail reception. They're bantering about how everyone wants to give the President a strong handshake, and how Mellie could wear gloves like Jackie Kennedy, who had it easy. Fitz cracks, "Well, not that easy" and then they ask the camera crew to cut that part out. Mellie asks if they have enough footage and the interviewer and camera crew leave Mellie and Fitz alone.

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