A Door Marked Exit

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In the Wind

Charlie is watching TV and eating takeout when Quinn returns. He can't believe she came back; he's thrilled. She kisses him. Oh, Quinn. I also feel bad for Charlie, the poor mook. I mean, murderer.

DC is preparing to attend Daniel Douglas's funeral. Leo is with Sally. She tells him to leave because people might see him there and get ideas. He points out that people are empathizing with her now, but in two weeks, they will be gone. And also, the Grant administration, especially Cyrus, will use her grief as political capital and also to keep her in the Vice President's office. Leo tries a new tactic, and says that Daniel Douglas would want her to run for President and is probably up in heaven right now telling everyone that Sally's going to be the first female President. Sally unravels as Leo talks about her late husband and finally just yells, "He's in HELL!!!!!!" Fantastic. She continues, "He is a Sodomite. He was a Godless sinner, and he deserved what he got." Leo looks delighted, and he thinks for a minute and then says, "You killed him. And you called the WHITE HOUSE? I am your first call, Sally. I am always your first call. You kill somebody? You call me." Man, we may have found someone more evil than Cyrus. And yet somehow, I like Leo. Maybe because, as far as we know, he's not married.

Remember that young woman who was in David's office at the beginning of the episode? The one Abby brushed aside? Well, she's back. She walks into David's office and takes the battery out of his cellphone because she says there's a new technology that lets the NSA hack into your phone and record what's happening in the room. She wrote the code for it. And she has something for David. It's a recording of the phone call that Sally made to Cyrus saying that she committed a sin. Oops.

Olivia calls Rowan while she has her nightly wine and popcorn. She wants to know if Rowan hid Marie away for all those years because it was his job or because he was trying to protect her from who her mother was. Rowan doesn't answer, but he tells Olivia to come by his place tomorrow night for dinner and they'll talk about his job at the Smithsonian. Olivia protests, but Rowan tells her that she'll never get the answers that she wants from him. She sighs and says, "I'm sorry to hear that."

So Rowan's heading back into his office at B613, ready to resume his duties. He doesn't notice that all of the hallway goons are giving him weird looks. When he enters his office, there's someone new behind his desk: Jake. I did NOT see that coming. Jake excuses everyone but Rowan from his office, and tells Rowan that he's Command now, effective immediately. Rowan's not having it, but Jake throws his own words back at him, the thing about cutting the head off the snake. So now Rowan knows that Fitz was behind this move. Jake concludes that if Rowan would like a job, he's welcome to take the aptitude test, but if not, he'll be escorted out. Rowan leaves, and Jake calls Fitz and says, "It's done." Fitz promises that they'll make a good team. Will they?

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