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In the Wind

Fitz uncuffs Rowan, and he tells Fitz that B613 is not an individual so "cut off the head of the snake and another one will grow in its place." I don't think that's how snakes work, but I'm not a zoologist or anything. Rowan asks for his coat and tie back, but Fitz and his goons just leave.

Charlie wakes up and finds Quinn is gone. Gone where? Back to OPA, where she walks in and finds Abby, Harrison, and Jake just milling about in the hallway. They all freeze when they see her (how much do they know?) but she ignores them and goes to Huck's office. She tells him that she came back, but he says that he's not sorry for hurting her and making her talk. He adds that if it wasn't for Olivia (should be if it weren't for Olivia, let's get on board with the subjunctive, Huck) he would have killed her, peeled off her skin, etc. He tells Quinn that she betrayed them, and she's not a gladiator anymore, and Quinn leaves. Oh, Huck is the head of HR now? That…actually fits somehow.

Cyrus is putting on pajamas when James and his elaborately knotted scarf return home. Cyrus asks tiredly what happens now. He doesn't want to fight, and James can't go to the police without evidence, and James can't leave with Ella because he doesn't have a job or an income, and Cyrus will use his legal connections to make sure he gets sole custody. James should hire a good lawyer yesterday and sue for spousal support and child support. Cyrus is emotionally abusive. James should go to a woman's shelter. Telling your partner they can't leave is abusive. Anyway, Cyrus continues the manipulation by saying that he still loves James, and he's the same man that James married even if he didn't realize he was marrying the devil, and he hopes that James will honor their marriage vows. Ugh. Cyrus finally admits that he's afraid, and he wonders what happens now. If he led with that vulnerability, I might have more sympathy for him. Anyway, Cyrus says he'll give James time to think about what happens now.

Olivia returns home where she gets a call from Fitz, who tells her that Marie's plane never made it to Hong Kong. They found it in Mongolia, empty but for the three dead bodies of the pilot, co-pilot, and guard. Yeah, Marie doesn't have any blood on her hands, Abby. She's like a newborn lamb. Dummy.

Okay, so it's time to wrap things up and set up what will happen when the show returns in February! First: Jake. He tells Liv that if Marie comes up for air, they'll hear something. Olivia says that her father doesn't have a short memory, and someone will have to pay for the interrogation in the Pentagon. Jake tells her not to underestimate the President and then sweeps forward and kisses Olivia. Man, I am rooting for these two. Which is weird, because in all the years I recapped Felicity, I was as anti-Noel as you could get. Jake tells her that he came to say goodbye, and whatever happens next, he wants Olivia to know that he loved her and he still loves her. And he leaves.

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