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In the Wind

Quinn is freshly showered in Charlie's bed, and she tells him that she needs to go home and get underwear and her driver's license. Strange priorities. Charlie says she can't go home while Huck is on her trail. Quinn is still in shock that her normal life is over. Charlie says that Quinn was never meant to be normal, because she has skills and instincts that very few people have. Charlie thinks she's spectacular. He tells her that he'll let her leave if she wants to, and then advises her to sleep on it. They spoon on the bed and Quinn still looks terrified. I'm starting to have a tiny, little bit of sympathy for her. I still think she's a dummy who did this to herself, but it is a shitstorm. But I also kind of don't care about this whole storyline.

James goes to David Rosen to convince him that Daniel Douglas was murdered. James has zero evidence other than a hunch and some coincidental timing. David pulls out a quiz from when he used to be a teacher; the student filled in every answer space with a drawing of a penis. David reminds James that the last time he investigated something that James was sure was a crime, the election tampering, David ended up as a teacher of imbeciles and nothing came of it. So he's not exactly clamoring to go off on another one of James's wild goose chases. Except it wasn't a wild goose chase last time, and it's not this time, but David doesn't know that.

Abby, Harrison (remember him?) and Olivia are at OPA, trying to figure out why Rowan had the plane shot down if he knew Marie wasn't on it, and why he wouldn't just retrieve whatever files she stole when the plane landed. Olivia says, "Maybe it was more than just files."

Jake and Huck are trying to track where Rowan was taken. Huck lost the car in a blind spot on the feeds and can't figure out where they could have gone. Jake knows, since they are right in front of the Pentagon. He calls Liv and tells her.

Liv calls Fitz and says she knows he has her father and she needs to talk to him. She begs, so of course, Fitz relents. I thought he was just going to pass Rowan the phone but that wouldn't be as dramatic as a sitdown, so suddenly Liv is sitting in front of Rowan, who glares at Fitz. Liv lays out her theory: that there was a bomb on the plane, that Marie told them that when they pulled her off and interrogated her, so Rowan decided to kill the people on the plane and spare the many more people who would have died had the plane exploded over London. Liv realizes that it doesn't make sense, because her mother was a gun-for-hire, not a true believer, so she wouldn't have boarded a plane that was going to blow up in mid-air. Rowan just stays quiet and lets Liv figure it out. Liv realizes that Marie lied; there was never a bomb on the plane, and she got Rowan to kill all those people for no reason. Liv wants Rowan to admit that he got fooled, just like Olivia did. Rowan barely nods, and tears fill his eyes. Liv stalks off and tells Fitz to have Marie arrested the second she gets off the plane. So who has the most power in this room? I'm guessing Olivia, since she can apparently order around both her father and the President.

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