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In the Wind

Well, HO-LEE SHIT, if Rowan doesn't have Fitz pegged. That speech is exactly everything about why Fitz bugs me, why I will never root for Fitz and Olivia to be together, and it leaves me wondering if the writers know something I don't about what this show is supposed to be about. Because if they can put those words into a character's mouth, even a "villain," they clearly believe them about Fitz on some level. It gives me hope that at some point, Olivia will realize that she's better than Fitz, and ditch his sorry ass. Thank you, writers.

Olivia is pacing in the OPA conference room when Abby enters and hands her the file on Marie Wallace. Abby gives her the thumbnail: Marie was born in London to Marxist Liberation Front parents. She fell off the grid at sixteen, then popped up under various aliases in Paris, Germany, Tunisia, Somalia, etc. She came in the US in 1972 as Maya Lewis, soon to be Maya Pope, but her contacts knew her as Marie Wallace. And her mission was to steal high-level secrets from people like Rowan, funded by anti-American groups. Liv is disgusted, but Abby tries to be helpful and says that Marie didn't kill anyone. Well, except for the doctor when she escaped from prison. That's the one we know of, anyway. Abby, ever the optimist, suggests that maybe the twenty-two years in prison was Marie's time served. Yes, let's let anti-American terrorists with multiple aliases just roam free in the world! Because she's clearly turned a new leaf since she came clean to Liv about her true identity. Except she didn't, and she's still a terrorist, and shut up, Abby.

Cyrus arrives home where James is watching the news. Cyrus says he was hoping to get to James before the news broke. He walks toward James, who backs away, fearful. Cyrus realizes that James thinks that he killed Daniel Douglas, and then he gets MAD! Like what right does Cyrus have to be MAD that James thinks he's a killer. Remember when he almost had James killed by Charlie? Or when he did have Amanda Tanner killed by Charlie? So why is Cyrus shocked that James thinks he's capable of murder? Anyway, Cyrus turns it all on James and says that James wants Cyrus to have killed Daniel Douglas because of his "inner tween." Cyrus acts like a real dick about it. So why are these two still together? They clearly don't respect one another and hate one another. I don't get it.

Sally, still in shock, is meeting with Leo. He's trying to set up a plan for getting her campaign back on track, and says she can run as a brave widow. Sally's not into it, and they're interrupted by Mellie's arrival. She basically kicks Leo out so that she can have a moment with the Vice President. Her opening gambit is that they're taking care of everything: "the funeral preparations, the ceremony…the coroner." Sally realizes that Cyrus told Mellie everything. Mellie advises her to get some rest and stop taking in visitor, especially people like Leo. The subtext is that Sally needs to drop the idea of running against Fitz, or Mellie and Cyrus will use what they know. Man, Mellie is good. She manages to get that point across clearly without ever saying anything overt about Daniel Douglas or the campaign. Sally looks both resigned and exhausted and terrified.

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