A Door Marked Exit

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In the Wind

Mellie has something to tell Fitz: Daniel Douglas is dead. She leaves out the rest of the story, and offers to go and give their condolences to Sally in person since Fitz is so busy illegally detaining American citizens in the basement of the Pentagon to appease his girlfriend.

Fitz returns to the interrogation room and scolds Rowan for taking Liv's mother from her when she was twelve years old. And while we're talking about Liv as a child, let's move right on to the sexy stuff, because that's not jarring. Fitz says he's screwing Liv (his words) and he would love to tell Rowan about how she tastes (his words) and that she's quite talented (his words.) And look, I know it's a ploy to get under Rowan's skin but it's gross and disrespectful to the woman Fitz claims to love. If you are a woman, how would you like it if your partner talked about you that way? Even as a means to an end? It feels gross, is all I'm saying.

So Rowan comes back with a speech that I have to quote in it's entirety. QFT, as the kids say: "You're a boy. You've been coddled and cared for, pampered and hugged. For you, it's always summertime and the livin' is easy. Daddy's rich and you're momma's good looking. You're a Grant! You got money in your blood. You. Are. A. Boy. I'm a man. I have worked for every single thing I have ever received. I have fought, and scraped, and bled for every inch of ground I walk on. I was the first in my family to go to college. My daughter went to boarding school with the children of kings. I made that happen. You? Cried yourself to sleep because Daddy hurt your feelings, because Papa banged his secretary, because it hurt to have so much money. You spoiled! Entitled! Ungrateful little brat! You have everything handed to you on a silver platter and you squander it. You're given the WORLD and you can't appreciate it because you haven't had to work for ANYTHING. So now you've decided that the one thing that you want is my daughter. MY child. MINE. What I made. What I created. You can talk about what a great lay she is to try to get a response from me all you want, but guess what? I am actually quite literally above your pay grade. Which means that I know that you believe that you are in love with her."

Fitz interrupts, "I do love her." Rowan continues, "You LOOOOOVE that she is a door marked exit. You love that she is your way out. Because if you are with Olivia Pope, you don't have to fulfill your father's dream of being President. If you are with Olivia, you no longer have to be your father's son. An apple never falls too far from the tree. You are always going to be Senator Grant's disappointing boy, Fitz. She is always going to be the formidable Olivia Pope. Don't use the person that I made to make you into a man. You're a boy." Fitz says Rowan doesn't know anything about him. Rowan concludes, "Sadly, BOY, I know everything about you. You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter's hand."

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