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In the Wind

Liv asks Huck and Jake for an update. They tell her that someone took Rowan, but it happened off-camera so they don't know who just yet. But they know it was a professional job. Liv tells them to find her father and Quinn and stomps out. Jake follows her and tells her to cut Huck some slack. Liv tells him to stay out of it, but Jake says he knows it's hard to find out her mother is bad, but that doesn't make Rowan the good guy, because he's not a good guy. Jake reminds her of what Rowan did to Huck, and also to Jake, and yet they are going to try to save him because that's what Liv wants. Jake chokes up as he says that Liv wasn't the only one to lose happy memories. That's part of why I root for Liv and Jake to get together; he's one of the few people who tells her when she's being an asshole.

Sally, in her bathrobe, stands and stares at dead Daniel Douglas lying peacefully in their bed. Cyrus rushes in and says that the doctor is on his way, and they can't let him get a close look at Daniel Douglas. Sally doesn't respond. She's practically catatonic. Cyrus tries to get her to snap out of it (why doesn't he slap her? You know he'd like to). The doctor comes in and Cyrus nervously says that Sally called him when she woke up and Daniel Douglas wasn't breathing. The doctor listens for a heartbeat and then says that he'll need to undress Daniel Douglas for an exam. Cyrus tries to prompt Sally to do something to prevent this from happening. I'm distracted because the doctor looks like a chubbier, balding Brian Williams. The doctor starts to pull back the blankets and unbutton Daniel Douglas's pajamas while Cyrus silently works himself into a full boil panic. At the last second, Sally snaps to and yells, "No, don't touch him! Don't you touch him!" She shoves the doctor aside and throws herself on Daniel Douglas's chest. Cyrus pulls the doctor aside and asks if they can skip the rest of the exam because they all know what happened. Do they? The doctor agrees to report that Daniel Douglas's heart stopped a few hours ago. Well, that was easy. Then again, after all the specials I watched about the JFK assassination a few weeks ago, I'm not surprised to see that people are willing to take shortcuts to save elected officials a little discomfort and/or embarrassment.

Mellie lets herself into Cyrus's office, all a-twitter about the news that Daniel Douglas is dead. Mellie thinks this means Sally has to call off her campaign, then notices the Cyrus is drinking at 7 AM. I'm more impressed that Mellie is in full First Lady drag at 7 AM. Cyrus quietly tells her to sit down and fills her in on the truth of Daniel Douglas's death. Cyrus is more introspective than we've ever seen him as he says that he and Mellie are the devils that came into Sally's life. Mellie argues that Sally snapped but Cyrus can't be deterred, and laughs that he and Mellie can quit doing bad things, because this was the worst thing they could ever do. Mellie grabs the drink out of his hand and tells him to pull it together. She sighs and asks if he used Olivia to clean it, and Cyrus says that he didn't, because he knew she'd tell Fitz.

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